Monday, September 7, 2009 11:35 AM, EDT


Alan,    Your Dad is in our tractor club and all of us have you and your family and your Dad and Mom in our thoughts and prayers.
Anything you need, tell your Dad and let us help.If you read “90 Minutes in Heaven”, you will realize people love you and want to do “something.  Just let them.
You are being blessed each day, but you are also a blessing to each of us by hearing your testimony.

God Bless Gene and Sue Ivey
Laurinburg, NC


  • Monday, September 7, 2009 10:55 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, God is so good to all of us and I pray that he will wrap his loving and healing arms around you.   your friend, Mary Bailey Mary Bailey

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 9:47 PM, EDT 

    As with so many others, I am truly awed by your gift with words in sharing your journey with us.  It is amazing the gifts that come from some of the greatest challenges you face.  I still remember how much you love a challenge so I have complete faith in God’s plan for you.   We will continue to pray for you and your family to help lift you up. God Bless!
    Paulette G Nulman PAULETTE NULMAN

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 9:32 PM, EDT 


    I look forward to your daily postings more than some of the columnists that I have been reading.  You might want to think about writing for a living.  I think you’d have a New York Times best-seller!

    I think of you and Misty often.  There are many times through the day when I get a prompting to pray for you.  I do my best to respond to those promptings, and to lift you up to Him.  I shared your story today with the usher team I volunteer with at church, and we took some time to pray for you and your family. 

    May our Lord bless you this week with His healing, His presence, His strength and His peace.

    In His Love,
    Randy Randy Warner

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 5:50 PM, EDT 

    What a better world we would live in if only we all had the attitude that you have.  I pray that God will bless you and your family with abundant joy.  Will continue to pray for you and your family.  Tell Ken and Joan I said hello and the hang in there.

    Judy Young Judy Young

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 3:49 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan,

    Thank you as always for the postings.  I recently had a root canal go bad, but you are so right – there are much, much bigger things to worry about!!!!! 
    I hope you also have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day; enjoying something fun with your family, getting some rest and strength. 
    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs, Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 3:06 PM, EDT 


      As we walk with you down the path to complete wellness you continue to enlightened our souls and touch our hearts.  You are and will forever remain blessed and loved.  Prayers as always! 

    Love to the Dove’s
    Randee and Marc Randee Heller

  • Sunday, September 6, 2009 7:49 AM, CDT 

    Alan, I have forwarded your “What’s your problem?” entry to  everyone I can think of, even posted the link on my facebook. I’m trying to come up with words to describe the impact that journal entry had on me, but there are none grand enough to illustrate how it touched my heart.  I hope you understand when I write – how beautiful God’s glory is in your life during this battle!
    So many things come to my mind as I read your writings. First, I thought about the fact that even though everything around seems to be falling out of control, I  hold on to these three things, (and are what I am most thankful) God’s grace, mercy and salvation. I had a friend explain to me – it’s not that God promised that we would never have troubles, matter of fact he said that this world would be filled with troubles, but he sent Jesus so that we would not have to go alone. My friend explained in more simple terms (knowing that I am a simpleton) that it would be like my daughter going thru a very difficult time, and though there was nothing I could do to fix the problem, I could go along side her and hold her hand as she went through the hardship.  I pray that you feel that companionship during this fight.
    You mentioned angels in today’s writing and I smiled because I had just read a beautiful passage in Psalm 91.  The entire Psalm is worth reading  (thus it is still being read after a ga-zillion years LOL) but I have copied a few verses that seem to apply –
    “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” ——-
    4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge;  his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. 5 You will not fear the terror of night,  nor the arrow that flies by day, 6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,  nor the plague that destroys at midday.  ——————————-
    9 If you make the Most High your dwelling— even the LORD, who is my refuge-  10 then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.  11 For he will command his angels concerning you  to guard you in all your ways;  12 they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.   ————————————————–
    14 Because he loves me,” says the LORD, “I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.  15 He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.  16 With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

    Continue to acknowledge his name; you are touching so many lives. I will be praying for you and your family everyday. Know that the same power that went into raising Christ from death is the power He promises to supply for our everyday needs.  Strong stuff!!!!
    And last but not least, I’ll leave you with one of my mom’s favorite sayings. : ) It seems to fit right in with your attitude of praying, but doing all humanly possible to help in your healing process.  
    Here it is “You can pray to God to smell good, but if you don’t use deodorant????”   Make sense? Love, Melanie Melanie Roberts

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 10:56 PM, EDT 

    Thanks Alan !  Hope you guys have a lovely weekend too!! craig appleman

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 8:30 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, what an inspiration you are!!  As you can see so many people are thinking about you and lifting you and your family up in prayer.  Our God is such an Awesome, Mighty, Merciful God and He has you right in the palm of His hand.  Keep that handsome chin up!

    Love In Jesus,
    Mrs. Mescia

    Cecelia Mescia

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 7:44 PM, CDT 


    Some day you need to take all your updates from here and write a book.  It would be a master piece!   You are Vincent Lombardi, Billy Graham, and Winston Churchhill combined!!!

    Your friend,


    John Martin
    Sumter, SC

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 11:34 AM, CDT 


    What a blessing we get from reading your postings!  Please know that we continue to pray for you and your precious family.  Love to your mom and dad.

    Jean and Gerald Reeves Jean Reeves

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 9:00 AM, CDT 

    Alan, we had the opportunity to meet in Chicago a couple of months of go, over a business dinner with Bill Lacy and Stuart Gartner.   It was a very enjoyable dinner ending in conversatiosn about favorite movies.   My first impression of you that night was a man who enjoyed everyday experiences to the max.  and puts himself out there.  

    Based on your blogs, you are only confirming my first impressions.  In reading your blogs esp the one about the WW II spider, I feel these attributes are your spider web! 

    You and your family are in my prayers.  

    PS:  YOU have a unique talent strongly suited for Web 2.0 communications.   Many writers in today’s current print medium cant transcend to the new age.  It could be a calling.  As I mention to Lacy he may be losing a rep to e communications some day.  Jim Bindon

  • Saturday, September 5, 2009 6:42 AM, EDT 

    What an inspiring last post! I came on here to see how you were doing and offer some words of encouragment.  I read your post and you have inspired me as well as others. It’s so easy sometimes to think we can handle even small things on our own. It’s much more easier to give them to God in prayer and he will take care of you and your situation. Thank you for reminding me. My family continues to pray for you as well as Bethany United Methodist in Summerville. Take care buddy! Have a great weekend with your family. Jamey Meekins
    Summerville, SC

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 11:51 PM, EDT 

    I went through a very very difficult time some years ago….in my church they had a spiritual advisor….I always felt so ashamed to ask God’s  help for my little issues when others were dying or suffering…..she made it abundantly clear that God gives us only what we can handle…..and what is important to one person (whilst trivial to  another who is undergoing so much more turmoil) is not for us to judge.  Every person has a right to own their issues as important even though in the grand scheme of things they really aren’t….thus….when we are faced with issues that bring all the other “stupid” stuff (which isn’t stupid at the time) in check….that is God’s way of making us relish the joys he has bestilled upon us.  It took me soooo long to be at peace with my silly fears knowing that God is preparing me gradually for the bigger fears to come and giving me the faith and stregnth to make it when they arise.

    I emailed Misty today….I will not reiterate is all….but you guys have both given me more stregnth, courage, conviction and faith than you can imagine.  I am learning through you …..that God has given you a path to follow… have others follow….and a conviction and stregnth to overcome.  I believe in you both and love you both and pray for you and your family!  I am blessed to have you all in my life.  We love you and keep up the good work….you both are a true inspiration to all.

    God Bless!  sharon weber

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 3:31 PM, CDT 

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday! Megan Lumley

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 3:01 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan,

    You can add us, as well as our church’s prayer team (Windborne United Methodist), to your prayer chain 🙂 With God’s help, and the support of your friends and family, you will beat this thing!

    It sure seems like His plan for you is one that will not only make you a stronger person, husband, father, and most importantly child of God, but one that will inspire and lead those who know and love you to also give it ALL to Him. What a wonderful way to praise him!

    Stay strong, keep the faith, and keep that ever positive attitude…you are amazing!

    We love you…

    Joy & Jeff


    Joy King
    Raleigh, NC

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 2:50 PM, WST 

    I know it’s been many, many years since we’ve seen each other,
    I’m Merv’s cousin on the Parker side and I think we last saw each
    other when we were still in elementary.
    Thinking of you and praying for you and your beautiful family.
    Your words are amazingly powerful and inspiring. I look forward to
    hearing them each day, bet you didn’t know how inspiring you’d
    be to so many…thank you for that. Prays are abundant for you.


    Paige Miller  paige miller

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 2:05 PM, CDT 

    Just staying in touch.  You’re in my prayers every day and I can’t log into my gmail without thinking about you.  We’re seeing and reading the positive, fighting, enthusiastic side; He’s there for you when it’s quiet at night and the doubts and questions come. 

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for keeping us posted.  It’s often the best email I get! Jeff Marchant
    Highlands Ranch, CO

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 2:02 PM, CDT 

    That is a great story.  Reminds me of a saying
    You can surrender and never pray….
    But you never pray with out surrender

    You can fight and never win…..
    But you will never win with out a fight. Brian Cole

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 11:33 AM, PDT 

    Apparently you were reading my mind this morning.  As I was sitting at my desk, worrying over all the same things you mentioned in your note – work life balance, creating a need and and urgency for my software solutions that no C level or Board could ever argue and booking yet another travel plan –  I was feeling defeated.    I thank you for inspiring me to step back and take a real look at things.    As we have all stated, you are quite an amazing man and Misty and the kids are amazing people.   I applaud your will power and faith.   There is so much to these incredible tools that is so often overlooked.  My father proved that when they told him he had maybe 6 months and he showed them they were totally wrong by having another 20 + and passed at a ripe old age.  Still dealing with all the issues, but winning.

    Thank you again – as always you are in our thoughts and prayers –
    Mary, Bill & Max Mary Gallicano

  • Friday, September 4, 2009 5:03 AM, PDT 

    Wow.. Alan .. you certainly don’t look like the boy that I remember from good ole’ DHS.  You have a beautiful family!!!! and I have to say that I signed on here to hopefully send you some words of encouragement and to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. but, instead I myself, received more encouragement  than I can describe. and as I read your story and seek God’s wisdom on what to say or how to say it I find that you have been a source of inspiration for me. So I say Thank you!! Thank you for being that inspiration. Thank you for allowing God to use you in a very significant way. I know this disease. My mom died w/ metastatic colon cancer, so please know that I will be praying!!! You are proving to be a Rock…. Stay Strong in the Lord.  I’ll be checking in!! 🙂

    Teresa Sandel Caulder
    Teresa Sandel Caulder
    Dillon, SC

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:20 PM, EDT 

    Thinking about you and your family.  Thought you might want to research Vita Mix.  It is similiar to the juicer, but has lots more recipes that even the kids would enjoy such as Green Goddess, but known as shrek juice to the kids.   You can also find some tips from you tube.  It really helped me thru my colon episodes.

    Take care and tell the folks hello

    With prayers,

    Madge madge hamer

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 9:19 PM, EDT 

    Some food for thought with regards to terminology for those who dont know any medical terms.

    Artery…..The study of painting
    Bacteria…..Back door of cafeteria
    Barium…..What doctors do when their patients die.
    Bowel…..A letter like A, E, I, O, U
    Cesarean Section….A neighborhood in Rome.
    Cat Scan…..Searching for a kitty.
    Cauterize…..Made eye contact with her.
    Colic…..A sheep dog.
    Coma…..A punctuation mark.
    D&C…..Where Washington is.
    Dilate…..To live long.
    Enema…..Not a friend.
    Fibula…..A small lie.
    Genital…..Not a Jew.
    G.I. Series…..A soldier game.
    Morbid…..A higher offer.
    Nitrates…..Cheaper than day rates.
    Node…..Was aware of.
    Outpatient…..A person who has fainted.
    Pap smear…..A fatherhood test.
    Pelvis…..A cousin to Elvis.
    Postoperative…..Letter carrier.
    Recovery room…..Place to do upholstery.
    Rectum…..Dang near killed ‘em.
    Secretions…..Hiding something.
    Seizure…..Roman emperor.
    Tablet…..A small table.
    Terminal illness…..Getting sick at the airport.
    Tumor…..More than one.
    Urine…..The opposite of “you’re out”
    Varicose…..Near by.

    Chuck and Cyndi

    Chuck Creighton

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 8:12 PM, EDT 

    God Bless you my friend!  You amaze me.  Know that you are in the hearts and prayers of many and that our amazing God is with you every step of this journey. Sandy Berry

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 4:43 PM, CDT 


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I know of no one better suited mentally or physically with the strength to fight your illness than you!!  You will win in this fight as you always have throughout your life and career!

    Keep the journal updates coming!

    Jimmy Yamshak and family Jimmy Yamshak
    Birmingham, AL

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 1:53 PM, EDT 

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful family,
    Caroline Thompson DeLongchamps caroline delongchamps

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 10:16 AM, EDT 

    Remember, please let me know if I can do anything.  Give you mom and dad a hug for me.  You are constantly on my mind.  We will continue to pray. Laurie Ann Gamble
    Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Thursday, September 3, 2009 8:52 AM, CDT 

    Good Morning Alan!

    Man, I heard about your situation and want you to know that you have a prayer warrior on your team.  My wife Maureen and will pray for you and ask others to do the same.  We will also pray for your family.

    We moved out of Vermont about 3 1/2 years ago to Denver.  We love it here!  We are in the process of adopting a ~13 year old daughter.  We are getting close to being able to begin meeting her and then hopefully within a few months provide her a new home.

    I have often thought about you over the past few years and remember our many laughs together.  Even though we didn’t see each other often there was always a great connection between us.  I always smile a wide smile when thinking of those times.

    Brother, I know you well enough to know what a battler and winner you are.  I hope you know me well enough to know that I will be in your foxhole from now on.  I love Christ and believe in the power of prayer… and that is just what I will be doing for you and your family.  Count on that!

    Keep fighting the good fight.  God bless you! 

    Brian Mitchell
    7418 Manchester Court
    Castle Rock, CO  80108 Brian Mitchell
    Castle Rock, CO

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 10:53 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan!  My thoughts are with you and your family.  I’m smiling as I write this b/c i just looked at your pics and and words and see you still have your mischievous grin and sense of humor:)  You don’t also still have that blue bug do you?? 

    I’m in Miami and about to finish graduate school..and it’s about time. brotha.  You take good care and I’ll be thinking about you. 

    Joseph Joseph Mescia

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 9:29 PM, EDT 

    hi Alan & family,
     you don’t know me but i’m a CMA member who loves God & family. i recieved an email to keep you all in my prayers & i will do this because that is what i would want someone to do for me. there is no greater place to be than in God’s hands. i know– i was  held in His arms 2 days before thanksgiving in 2007. my husband & i was riding home on our motorcycle, when a tractor trailer came up along side of us in the left hand lane & decided to make a right hand turn in front of us with no signal & parked his rig on the street. my husband had 35′ to stop the bike ,lay it down or t-bone the trailer. well God had other plans. my husband laid the bike down & God took over from there. i heard his voice softly tell me “everything will be alright” & it was. we both survived to hear the words “you are 2 miracles to be alive”. you are the only 2 to go up against a tractor trailer & live to tell about it. now that’s saying alot coming from doctors who usually give science all the credit. i was 14 days in the icu & i never came home till right before Christmas. i had a crushed right ankle held together with plates & screws, all my ribs on my left side was fractured 10x’s, i had a compound break in my collar bone held together with plates & screws besides fractures in my scalpula,rotor cup, & shoulder blade. my husband had a punctured lung, road rash & a compound fractured back that they didn’t pick up till they sent him home. but we could feel all the prayers being poured out for us & God’s awesome love & power surrounding us. we are both alive & back to riding our bike because of the awesome God we serve,alan. just remember –all things are possible through Christ our Lord who strenghtens us. you & your family are not alone -God is right there by your sides through everything you & your family is going through. He loves you,alan. He can get you through this. just reach out & pray to him ,alan. He will always hear you. i’ll be praying for you & your family too. i just felt i needed to share my testimony with you & your family. May the Lord hold you gentlely in His arms till you are well again.

    by the way my name is pat anderson.
    it’s nice to meet you ,alan, & your family patricia anderson
    loris, SC

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 9:20 PM, EDT 


    I can’t tell you how much I have learned from your daily journal and how your perspectives and thoughts have changed what I previously viewed as problems and issues!
    We pray for you often but you lift me with every entry!
    Hang in there and enjoy your beautiful family!

    Don Don Cielewich

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 9:19 PM, EDT 

    You and your family are so beautiful!  Mrs. Jo Ann was just showing me pictures of the kids in church the other Sunday.  They are precious.  Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers.  We love you and your whole family so much.  You all are so special.  Keep fighting the good fight.

    Robin Moody robin moody

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 7:38 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, 

    I just heard about your news today.  We’ll keep you and your family in our prayers. 

    Brook Brook McCarthy

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 7:37 PM, CDT 

    Your note made me chuckle!! 🙂 Those are some good questions you ask. We had a great brunch with Misty today… we really missed her and know she needed ‘her’ girls today. Hope to see you soon. Have a great day and hopefully tomorrow will be just as good, if not better. Sleep well. Jaime Farland

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 6:31 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    Great words of wisdom, as always!  I am not sure juicing the yellow pages was wise, but there you go……  It’s all about perspective – right 🙂
    The prays, good thoughts and wishes are headed your way for you and your family.  Enjoy the day with no update and I will look forward to the email, letting me know something’s been posted….

    Hugs and prayers, Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 5:14 PM, EDT 

    Alan, Just read your daily journal entry and I have to tell you that I laughed out loud with the five questions you listed.  I especially liked the one about the #2 pencil.  Strange how something so simple can be so funny, isn’t it?  I thought to myself how did you ever think of such crazy stuff.  I just wanted you to know I’m thinking of you and your family.  I just know you are having a great day and that’s what we all want for you.

    Paula Radford  Paula Radford

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 4:05 PM, CDT 

    Hey Alan!
    Feels like we have all been close buddies forever doesn’t it?  It is absolutely amazing how God just knits all of our hearts together….everyone on this journal, on your FB wall.  God has given you this huge platform and you minister to all of us as we do our best to encourage you.  God is using you mightily, I know you know that.  Only God could do this!!!  He is changing us in the process of healing you….mind boggling really.  I just love you guys and pray many times a day….think of you and Misty often.  I know Ray is thinking of you too and continues to pray. You probablly know he is sequestered on a jury in another city. He has no phone, laptop or anything…it is crazy. So glad we don’t reach our Heavely Father through technology…so know he is praying for you as he is away even though he cannot communicate right now with you. I know he is interceeding for you. Thanks for you beautiful humility that you always express and I love the humor!!!  You are great Alan and loved outrageously!   Karen Lindsay
    Parkville, MO

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 2:32 PM, PDT 


    What will I have to brighten my day if I can’t look forward to your little CaringBridge updates popping up in my e-mail?? 

    And who will tell me lame (but funny) jokes on those alternate days??

    Maybe you should connect with Jack LaLanne and see if he would post juicer recipes on the off-days. I am sure he could come up with something equally as creative as the Yellow Pages.

    Glad to see your humor has not suffered one bit.

    Love and Prayers.


    Pat Berger
    mahtomedi, MN

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 1:04 PM, CDT 

    Alan, you are an inspiration to us all. The Low Country is sending waves of prayer your way. tell your Mom and Dad I am only 3 hours away If I can help with anything.
     Danny Danny Rowland

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 12:35 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan,

    Thank you , as Vickie has already said, for being an inspiration through your journal.  My family and church family take strength from your words to apply to our own lives.  I’m really proud to say as a minister my faith has grown too as I pray daily for you and your family.
    I’m really proud of your strength, your growth, and development as a Christian.  As I read you thoughts each day I can see the confidence radiating in your words.  Not knowing you all that well, it has been great getting to know you and your friends through CaringBridge.  What I do know is that I can feel the warmth of your heart for God as you reach out to others. It’s great to hear that I’m not the only one that continues to search, probe, and ask questions about my faith and realtionship with God.
    Some people want you to beleive that asking questions rather than having all the answers is a sign of a weak spirit.  I think the opposite is true.  Only a person whose spirit is strong and growing can confront obstacles, wrestle with a HUGE BATTLE, and still hold on to faith.
    I wish you well on your journey and the BATTLE!  I pray you continue to study, explore, practice, and ask questions.  Change and grow through this experience.  Others like myself are seeking as well and will learn from you through this journey. 

    DL PAGE DL Page

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 8:32 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, it’s so good to read your message today and you have such a great zest for life. God is on your side and he hears our prayers for you.  Take care  Mary Bailey
    Dillon, SC

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 5:48 AM, CDT 

    Love and prayers always.

    Aunt Linda

    linda smith

  • Wednesday, September 2, 2009 12:26 AM, EDT 

    OK buddy… so with your new diet, does this mean we are done eating Key Lime Pie, Great Cuban’s, and Peppes Pizza?

    Keep up the good fiber!  You sound great. We are here, and hear. david wild

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 9:54 PM, EDT 


    Wow, what a spiritual awakening happenening in your soul!! I keep thinking what words and verses can I send Alan to encourage him everyday, but the truth is your words on here give me encouragement and really challenge my walk with Christ.  Oh how complacent I had become.  Each day I find myself waiting in anticipation for your next journal entry, all the while wondering, “What in the world am I going to learn from Alan Dove today?”  Thank you for allowing God to use you through all of this.  It has made a difference in me and I wanted you to know that.  I will continue to pray for you and your family, not only that you would be healed physically, but that you would also continue to heal and grow spiritually.

    Because of Him I am,

    Vicki Berry Pearce vicki pearce
    Rock Hill, SC

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 9:19 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan- awesome you are feeling better after the chemo– and I thought your ‘pun’ joke was funny too!

    I just wanted to let you know that I am praying every day and sending good vibes to you and the family!!

    Also, just as a quick tip- if you are looking for yummy and super healthy recipes– clean eating magazine is very good. you (your dad) can pick it up at barnes noble after the produce trip.  Food tip of the week:  figs- a super fruit and in season!!!!  🙂 

    Take it easy buddy and keep up the good fight, you are winning!  Erica Rouleau

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 6:47 PM, EDT 

    Glad it’s been a good day.  When the road is bumpy you just hang on and know He will bring you through it.  God loves a humble heart, and He loves yours and is so using it in a mighty way.  Keep giving Him the praise and we are going to keep praying on as He continues His work.  Keep eating those veggies and fruits, and keep that positive attitude.   You’re gonna kick it’s butt!!!!

    Love you.

    Kim Kim Brown

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 6:14 PM, EDT 

    God bless you, Alan!  Your journal and your witness is speaking to each of us.  Your words are inspiring as I read them each day.    Have a good  week and  and stay strong for your treatment next week.  Love to you, Misty, Aiden, Addyson and your precious parents, Joan and Ken, who have always been there with me through some of life’s battles.   jane dove

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 6:02 PM, EDT 

    Hello Alan,

    I read your journal on a daily basis. In regards to conflict two, I believe I found a very interesting piece on unconditional prayer and love.

    Our heart,
    Randee Heller Randee Heller

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 4:28 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan-

    Glad to hear the week of chemo went well and that Aiden is enjoying school!  you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers – you are a strong fighter and I know that your strength and the support you have of so many will help to get you through this!

    Stay strong!
    Maggie Maggie Feeney Eckard

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 12:43 PM, CDT 

    Hey Alan – I am so glad to see your beautiful personality shining thru in this difficult time. My heart is so saddened by this news, but I know without a doubt, and can already see evidence  of the fact that this is exactly the type of  situation where God does his best work! : )
    I will be in constant prayer for you and your family. Your most recent post sparked the memory of one of my favorite verses –

    Romans 5:1-5
    1Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 2through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. 3Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.

    I will pray that you persevere, in order to build character, and accept hope in this situation.  You are loved by so many! Melanie – the other travel girl : ) Melanie Roberts
    Birmingham, AL

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 10:49 AM, CDT 

    Hey Alan-

    Taylor White filled me in on your illness.  Reading your blogs have been so inspiring.  I want you to know that you and your precious family will constantly be in my thoughts and prayers.  Please allow me to share this devotion that I received from Melanie Roberts (you remember my old Traveltime partner) during a dark time in my life.  It has brought me so much comfort in times of trouble, doubt and fear.

    Kimberley Yeager (yes, Scott and I got married!!)
    aka Kimberley Tharpe

    I Am Mighty!

    You are awed by My greatness! Do not doubt that I am all-powerful and
    able to change any situation. I am mighty to save. My dunamis power
    lives in you through My Spirit. It brings change, restoration and

    Yes, all things come from Me. All creativity, inspiration and solutions
    to problems come from Me. So come to Me, seek My face, and I will show
    you what to do, how to move, the next step. Do not try to reason things
    out. Come and ask Me to shine My light and show the way.

    You face situations that look daunting, and you wonder how you will
    handle them and have victory. Remember David and Goliath–what seemed
    like too great an enemy was nothing when he was inspired by Me. Just
    come and lay the problems at My feet, and I will move on your behalf;
    I will bring unknown resources to you and I will give you the plan for

    I will give you divine favor, because you desire to live to please Me.
    I will open doors, lead you to divine appointments and release sources
    to meet your needs that you could not imagine. Trust in Me–trust in
    My goodness, trust in My faithfulness and trust in My power!

    Do not fear. Do not waver. You know that I hold you in the palm of My
    hand. I am your protector and your shield. You are My child, and I am
    your defender. It does not matter how big the enemy looks, I am
    Greater! All power comes from Me–even the enemy would have none if
    I did not allow it.

    Put your eyes on Me! Do not look to the right or the left. Do not
    wonder “how?” or “why?” Come to Me and ask for My wisdom. Ask Me to
    move on your behalf.

    Things only look big when you take your eyes off of Me. The sea only
    looks rough when you take your eyes off Me. Remember that Peter sank
    and could no longer walk on the water, and it happened when he took
    his eyes off Me. I call you to walk on the water, to walk above your
    circumstances. Come to Me, but be sure to keep your eyes on Me. I will
    give you all the power you need to walk in power and in victory!

    Trust in Me.
    Kimberley Yeager
    Fairhope, AL

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 9:57 AM, CDT 

    Hello Alan, My name is Jeff Pinkerton and I live in Millers Creek, NC. I heard about your diagnosis yesterday. Please know that I will be praying for you and your family. I was diagnosed on 11/28/07 with bone marrow cancer. My Dad was diagnosed 30 days later with colon cancer. Thanks to many, many prayers and great doctors we are both doing great. We are both “walking miracles”.  I was so touched with people reaching out to me that I started a ministry, “Seeking a Reason for Hope Ministries”. I feel God has called me into the ministry of helping and encouraging others that are battling cancer. We have 4 other wonderful people that are helping in the ministry now. We would like to send you a “care basket” to help in this journey. It includes a book that we give titled, “A Reason for Hope”. It is all about the Hope we have in Jesus in our fight against cancer. It helped me so much I try to give away as many as possible. If you would like me to mail you a “care basket” please email me at

    You can also see our website at

    God Bless you and I will be praying for great health for you. Jeff Pinkerton

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 9:31 AM, CDT 


    We didn’t know each other at Emageon except for being on a conference call or two together, but I heard about your situation through others at Emageon that do know you.  Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you as well.  So glad to read of your faith in Jesus Christ and encouraged by your words in a humbling time.  Stay strong in that faith and lean on Him for your strength, especially when you have none of your own.  All the best to you and your family! Jeff Cwynar
    Birmingham, AL
    United States

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 9:04 AM, EDT 

    Dear Alan, I hope that you remember me as one of your banking friends at old South Carolina National Bank in Dillon–you were a youngster back then. You and your family have always been special friends of mine. I heard about your cancer and you have been placed on our prayer list at Main St. United Methodist church in Dillon–so a lot of prayers are going out for you and your family. I looked at your pictures of your beautiful family, what a happy family.  I know that God will answer our prayers for you to have a speedy recovery of your cancer. Take care, Love Mary Bailey Mary Bailey

  • Tuesday, September 1, 2009 4:50 AM, EDT 


    Your endurance post was inspiring. The captain was an incredible man epitomizing all of the characteristics of a true survivor. One of which was his coalescing inherent leadership ability with all of the valuable resources he had surrounded himself with.

    The captain choose his men wisely before the journey and, with certainty, each played an important role in the wonderful reward of their amazing display of endurance. Yet, as the keystone, it was he who made the group more than just the sum of their individual parts.

    You share and demonstrate all of the characteristics of the captain and are leading through your courage. You may not truly realize that you are also leading a group you have so wisely choosen to a similar reward.

    Through god, your courage, the strength of prayer, and maybe a buffalo wing or two, you will continue to provide the world another source of inspiration.

    God bless,
    Bill Bill Lassell
    Charlotte, NC

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:43 PM, EDT 

    You sound great buddy!   Stay strong.  We are all hear for you and your family. Your postings have created such a bond with what you’re enduring.


    david wild

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:09 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    You asked and you got it!!!!!  I am praying for your body, mind and spirit to be charged for the long haul….. 

    I loved that story about Endurance and Shackleton – it’s an amazing tale of survival and a great one to share and remember.

    Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family, Celeste

    Celeste Garcia

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 8:48 PM, EDT 

    Hey Dove,

    I received an email from Bernie May at GE today with the news. I am praying and pulling for you and your family. If

    I wish you guys all the best.

    Take Care,

    Garn Garn Capps

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 7:51 PM, CDT 

    Alan- you are so brave and so positive! Keep the faith. I’ll keep praying!
    Marty Marty Motz

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 6:49 PM, CDT 

    Great Shackelton story!!! Keep the FAITH. Praying as always…. Jaime Farland

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 4:19 PM, EDT 

    Alan & Misty,
    Hoping for you a great week.  Remember that at all times He is faithful.  Just awesome to know that at every second He is with us knowing every need and hearts desire.  Cast all of your cares upon Him, He can carry them and you.  You are such an inspiration.  He is truly using you both as an instrument of His peace.  Thank you for sharing this journey with us all.  It’s a true testimony of your faith, love, and trust in Him. 

    Love to you,

    Kim Kim Brown

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 10:49 AM, EDT 

    Alan & Misty,

    We are reading your entries everyday and continue to keep each of you in our daily prayers.  Be strong and continue to lean on friends, family…and most of all continue to keep your faith.  The healing hands of God are surrounding you! 

    Thinking of you!

    Bobbi, Chris, Jessica & Blake Curtis

    Bobbi Curtis

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 10:42 AM, EDT 

    Alan and Family — a new week filled with new opportunities to let go and let God!  God Bless you and your family! Bob Foster

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 10:05 AM, CEST 

    Dear Alan,
    I am not sure that you remember me without a photo but we were at CofC in the early 90’s. Perhaps you remember me as a friend of Adrienne Shaw or as one of the Swedes. Regardless, through Adrienne, I found out about your battle and simply want to send love and strength to you and your beautiful family!

    Anna Hamilton

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:35 AM, EDT 

    I remember the Dove family well, from both First Baptist in Dillon, and St. Eugene.
    I am so glad to see you fighting as you are doing.  I doubt if you knew it, but both of my parents were cancer survivors.  They both knew that they would not have made it as far as they did without the help of the Lord.  In both their cases, while much of that help was in the hands of their doctors, much much more came from the Lord through the love and prayers of their family and friends. 
    Mom just had her 90th birthday.  You should plan on doing the same with your family.  Feel that love and healing flowing from the Lord to you through your family and friends and thank Him every day.
    My prayers are with your and your family.

    Swift Black, Jr.
    West Jefferson, NC

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:18 AM, CDT 

    More prayers from Charleston.  Funny…. Your words are uplifting to us as well. In Him Always!!!!
    Aimee Aimee Rowland-Sigmon

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:12 AM, EDT 

    Don’t use Australian doctors, even if the price is a little better.

    tom christmann

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 9:05 AM, EDT 

    Dear Dove Family,

    Hi Alan, I’m an ole’ WCU friend of Misty’s and have been updated through her facebook posts and through the bridge.  Misty has been a huge cheerleader for you and she has done a fantastic job of getting her friends to cheer you on too.  (I can just see Misty saying……Goooooo Alan!” 🙂  We are praying for you and the Dove family immensely and know this will be a thing of the past soon.  Your determination is inspirational!  
    Wishing you comfort and healing,
    Kat (Thompson) Martinez
    and the rest of the Martinez Family

    Katherine Martinez
    Marietta, GA

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 8:37 AM, EDT 

    Hi Misty and Alan
    I am still reading your entries each and everyday and am inspried!  Not only am I praying for you but in my prayers I ask God to give you strength (which obviously in inate in you) but to give you tue PEACE  amidst something you cannot understand.

    One of my favorite Christian worship bands out there is Rush of Fools.  They have a song called Peace Be Still.  This is my “go to” song when I need some uplifting!  Check it out, I think you will love the song but more importantly the words!!

    Thinking, Loving and Praying for you and your family!

    Wendy Rusk

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 8:27 AM, EDT 

    Hello Alan,
        I was reading about “George” and his delight of being rid of the cancer.  He then said that he missed being in the canyon and feeling God’s presence so near to him.  It reminded me of a recent conversation with a friend that I want to share with you.  We were discussing some of the struggles I have been experiencing because of my divorce.  I explained to my friend how much my faith has grown through this experience.   He told me to not forget this when everything starts going good for me again.  He didnt say another word about it directly following this statment.  The conversation took another direction.  It was kind of like he was saying, “It’s a long race.  We’ll see how you do.”  Wow!!  This really made me think and reflect.  I started asking myself if I only turn to God and lay it all on him when things get really tough.  It made me realize that I need to turn to him and lay it all on him regardless of how things are going for me.  Have a good day my brother.  I will be thinking about you and including you in my prayers today.  Tom     Tom Green
    Hendersonville, NC

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 7:54 AM, EDT 

    Dear Alan and family

    After having an adult son be diagnosed with Cancer that had metastisized I know how your parents are worrying and I will pray for them.  You will realize as your own children get older that no matter their age they are still you kids.

    Also have you read the book The Shack, it is very enlightening into the reason it is hard to give burdens to God and that reason is that we want to be in control it is in our nature.  If you have time read the book it is not long and is easy reading.

    As always you are in my prayers. Karan Tremoulis

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 7:37 AM, EDT 

    Good Morning Alan! Just a quick note to say hello and I hope you and your family have a blessed day. I am amazed at how many people you know that feel the same way I do. Keep up the good fight and know that we all are pulling for you. Your journal is a source of inspiration for me. I always knew you were a MAJOR DUDE ( Steeley Dan reference), I just had no idea How major. You guys are in my prayers always,

    Tim Davis
    Albany, GA

  • Monday, August 31, 2009 7:31 AM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty,
    Jeremiah 29:11 says “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    I am praying for both of you.  If we can do anything to help you during this time, let us know.

    Rick Carney  Rick Carney

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 9:41 PM, CDT 

    Love and prayers for you all….everyday…..and alot. I’m not eloquent of speech, like Moses, but I’m unceasinly praying like Paul!
    ps…watch the Robin comments…I might have to beat you up. 😉

    Robin Rowe
    Clarkesville, GA

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 9:25 PM, EDT 

    Dear Dove family,

    Darrell and I continue to lift you up in our prayers. We believe God can and does continue to work mightly each and every day. And that HE can do a mighty work in your lives. May God carry each of you daily.

    Terri Holliday Terri Holliday

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 9:16 PM, EDT 

    Psalm 94:19 (New International Version)
      19 When anxiety was great within me,
           your consolation brought joy to my soul.

    Have a great week ahead! a

    Adrienne Grayson

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:59 PM, EDT 

    Hey Buddy,

    Keep your head high, you have a tremendous network of friends and family in your corner.  Hang tough and have a great week!

    If you need something to get your spirits up, just think of that weekend in Beaufort years ago we did that “Lizard Man” hoax -that will put a smile on your face! 

    God bless,


    John Martin
    Sumter, SC

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:32 PM, EDT 

    Alan: You and my son Kelly graduated together from high school.

    I worked with your mom for 20 years at St Eugene.
    I myself am a 10 year survivor of Hodgkins disease I know all of the fears, concerns, anger, and all of the emotions you may have yet to have.

    Your faith will indeed carry you forward in your journey, knowing that you are God’s child is the strength that will sustain you through all that you do.

    I like you received notes and words of prayer from many that I did not believe I existed!

    Know that you and your family will be in our prayers every day.
    I can attest that you can feel and draw strength and comfort from the prayers of others on your behalf.

    My prognosis was not very positive in the beginning as Hodgkins is a”young” mans disease and I was 50 when it was diagnosed.
    But with excellent medical care, the love of family and friends and most of all the constant care of loving God, as Fats Domino sings,” I’m alive and kicking”.

    I look forward to your recovery.


    Mike Summerlin Mike Summerlin

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:20 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,
    I am really glad to hear you say you are feeling better today!!!!  It sounds like you had a great day at church with some really generous people.  Hearing that  touches the soul. 
    I will need to pay more attention to those Robins – they are a bit round, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one eat that much – you must have had some rain lately 🙂
    Hope a great sleep is in store for you.
    Prayers going out for you and your family – Celeste
    Celeste Garcia

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 7:51 PM, EDT 

    Oh Brother –

    You sound fiery, feisty, and naturally interested in discourse about the Dutch and Draper.  We are truly mad men, eh?  🙂

    Your approach brings great peace, smiles, and instruction.  The energy from Him is there now.  We (the Mulvaney’s!!) believe the wind is at your sail.

    Thought about a prayer for you (after services today, of course):

    “Do not worry about this illness or about any other misfortune. Am I, your Mother, not here at your side? Are you not protected by my shadow? Am I not your safety?”

    The humble Indio, Juan Diego of Cuautilan, heard these words on the lips of the Blessed Virgin, in December 1531, at the foot of Tepeyac Hill, today called Guadalupe, after asking for the healing of a relative.

    Best to you, Misty, and the kids.

    See you tomorrow.

    Mark Mulvaney
    Hunter Pynchon (my wife)
    Will (my son)
    and…Calvin – our Golden Retriever – woof,woof!!

    Mark Mulvaney
    Providence, RI

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 7:33 PM, EDT 

    Alan, there is so much I want to say to you but I do not want to go on and on so I will try to keep it simple.  I remember seeing you at FBC in Dillon when I attended church there years ago.  I guess I always noticed you because I knew your mom was from Lake View where I also grew up.  You were such a cute kid and now such a handsome man and today you have a beautiful family to match!   Ever since I heard your news I have continuously prayed for you, Misty, your children, and your parents.  I go to bed praying for you, wake up during the night and pray for you, and I pray for you when you cross my mind during the day.  I keep asking friends for any updates and learned about CaringBridge through a friend.  At first I intended to read a few of the messages people had written you, but once I started I could not stop.  All the kind words and well wishes really blessed MY soul and actually renewed my own positive outlook and strength regarding my own remission (18 months).  I can only imagine how much this has affirmed your own resolve.  I know without a doubt your positive attitude, your faith, and your family and friends will see you through this.  The calm assurance you feel is inexplainable and is a very spiritual experience that I have had in my own life.  It is a remarkable thing, isn’t it?  There is no doubt there is power in prayer that you will experience now and especially during any weak moments – you will have that inner strength.  You and your family will continue to be in my prayers.  Thank you for sharing your deepest thought with everyone.  You have caused many of us to feel blessed and you will be blessed also.

    Paula Radford  Paula Radford
    Mullins, SC

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 7:24 PM, CDT 

    Glad you are feeling better today!! And, it is supposed to be a GREAT week (temp wise) so walking will be super comfortable and nice. If you a walking partner, call me… I love to walk and talk 🙂 surprise, surprise – heehee. Have a great night and another dinner – YEAH!! 🙂 Jaime Farland

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 6:43 PM, EDT 

      It was so great hearing fom Ken and you on the phone the other day. You are constantly in our hearts and prayers. Jim and Vernon are waiting to hear from you about when you feel up to a visit from them. We were certainly praying for you and yours in church this morning. This web site shows how loved you are by so many people. You can’t lose this fight when you are giving God all of the glory!!! What an example and witness you are to others and to us! Your testimony is amazing!!!We love you all dearly and want you to call on us when we can help in any way.

                                                                           Della Della Dove

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 12:57 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan:

    We just spoke with David as he was driving back from Charlotte and he said he a good visit with you. We have read your journal and are inspired by your resolve and determination. We are pulling for you and wish you complete success in your fight. We know you will prevail. Judy has placed you on our church’s prayer chain so you should have plenty of prayers flowing up to Charlotte. We look forward to helping you anyway we can – so don’t hesitate if there is anything you need John and Judy Manzi

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 12:36 PM, EDT 

    I don’t know if you remeber who I am, but we went to Dillon High together, I think I was a year below you (my name is Stacy Jackson, my brothers are Douglas and Terry Wayne).  CJ Morris emailed and told me your news
    It is  such a blessing to know that you are finding comfort in Jesus!  He is awsome and He can do awsome things!  You are in my thoughts and prayers!!
    God Bless You,
    Stacy Jackson Bethea Stacy Jackson Bethea

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 10:45 AM, EDT 

    I have been reading your journal, parts several times. You are certainly a tower of strength, determination and faith. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for you which will be revealed in His time.

    David Cottingham

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:50 AM, EDT 

    Love and prayers to you.
    –Chris & Virginia Bowman, Dillon SC Virginia Bowman
    Dillon, SC

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 8:09 AM, EDT 

    I’m praying for you and your family.Thank you for sharing your journal.

    Lynda Cottingham

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 7:50 AM, EDT 


    Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us.  It makes it so much more effective when we pray for you to have specific requests.  When Rod had cancer he also used a juicer and we both felt that the juice really helped him in the fight.  Keep praying and juicing!! Janet Boyette
    Dillon, SC

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 7:45 AM, CDT 


    Please know that Gerald and I have been praying for you and your family.  I am so thankful you are on Caringbridge and that we can keep up with your progress on here.  We love you and we love your mom and dad.  Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for the Lord.  What a testimony!  If Lois Wilson was still on this earth, she would be on her knee daily praying for you.  She always thought you were so special, and I agree with her.   Our God is an amazing God from whom you can draw strength daily.  Give our love to your parents.  I know they are taking wonderful care of your two precious children

    Jean and Gerald Reeves Jean Reeves

  • Sunday, August 30, 2009 12:12 AM, EDT 


    This link will provide you info. on great antioxidant foods.

    Randee Randee Heller

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 10:32 PM, EDT 


    I heard that “Caringbridge” had to buy a new server to handle all the posts that your web-page is generating!  I must say I am impressed,  but not surprised.  You are the greatest friend I  have ever had (sorry Crawford) and you have always had that personality that people instantly seem to like.  Most of my best memories of the 1990s, (although pretty much the entire year of 1993 should be forgotten), involve you.  I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and good times with you and your family.  I know with your faith in God and your incredible strong will that you will beat this thing.  Hang tough my friend and please call on me if you need anything.  Say hello to Misty and the kids, as well as your parents for me and we will be in touch!    See you soon.

    John & Shari
    Connor,  Griffin, and Kelsey John Martin
    Sumter, SC

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 10:28 PM, EDT 

    Just letting you know I am still praying for you, your family and expecially Ken and Joan.   Thank you for the encouragement that you give to me to continue to pray and keep on keeping on!  Hope you have a wonderful “Lord’s Day”  They are all His, he just shares them with us…….That’s why we praise Him, that’s why we sing………… Bob Foster
    Greenwood, SC

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 9:51 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan – we met not long ago at Steve Mann’s 40th bday party.  I’m the guy who banged my head against their pot rack while we were talking.  

    Please know our prayers are with you and your family.  The Manns may have mentioned this at some point, but my wife Susan was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2008, so we’ve been on a similar journey in some ways.  I also gleaned from your post that you guys go to the Cove Church.  That’s awesome, we know a lot of people up there including Mike and Carey Madding, and they are great people and a great church.  I’ve been a pastor at Connection Church for the past 5 years.  Glad you guys are connected to a strong church, especially during this time.

    If there’s anything I can ever do, let me know – even grab coffee at some point just to hang out and chat.  Please know that we are praying and believing that God will do great things through this in you, your family, and the community.

    In Christ,
    Jerel Law  Jerel Law

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 9:50 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    I am a friend of your Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Della in Castle Hayne.  They told me about your journal and I have enjoyed reading it.  My husband has had a Bone Marrow transplant,  prostate cancer and is now getting ready to have radiation on a cancer in the facial nerve.  All of this has taken place over the past 5 years.  Without God,  and prayers from family and friends, we could have not gone though all of this.  God is our Rock.  We never forget that God does not make mistakes and all things happen for the good of the Kingdon.  We are praying for you and your beautiful family and with God’s healing power, you will get through this and will be a stronger person because of your trials.  What a testimony you  will have when God heals you of this cancer.  Keep your eyes on God and He will always be there for you.

    Alice Bullard
    Castle Hayne, NC

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 9:09 PM, EDT 


    You must have read my mind today because I wanted to send you a juicer.  I truly believe the more anti-oxidants the better!!  Blueberries and most berries for that matter are terrific!  I will do some research and send you a list tomorrow.  Although we have never met, your family remain in my heart, mind and prayers.  Alan I also want to commend you on the visualizations.  When visualizing the medicine killing the cancer also visualize yourself attending Aiden’s elementary graduation, visualize yourself walking your daughter down the aisle.  You get the picture.  Positive energy and thoughts into the universe, all good.  Oh, thanks for your faith in god and powerful words of hope and love; “You make me want to be a better man”  in this case woman!

    Light, health and love,

    Randee Heller Cohn
    Randee Heller

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 8:59 PM, EDT 

    Alan, my thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.  You and Mistry are such an inspiration to me.  Your faith and strength are such a testimony.  You stay strong and keep the faith.  I am praying for you daily.  I love you.     Kim Kim Brown

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 6:27 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan,
    Thank you for your post yesterday.  Your strength and attitude is amazing, but I think many of us realize that it’s not ever-present.  This is a tough road and we are here for you when you aren’t feeling so sure.  We can carry your hope along with you.  I have had  time in my life when I had no hope, but others did, and that carried me.   
    You continue to care for yourself and we’ll do the same – deal?  
    Sending hugs and prayers – Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 5:06 PM, CDT 


    Your attitude and courage is amazing!  Your faith spiritually inspires us.  Way to go Alan!  You are keeping your eyes and heart focused on our Awesome God.  We praise Him for your testimony as His healing hands continue to work.  You and your beautiful family are in our daily prayers.  Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you.

    James and Cindy Causey
    Dillon, SC

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 1:47 PM, EDT 

    Hi guys! I’ve been thinking about yall this morning so it was nice to read the update. I hope yall are enjoying this beautiful day! I love you all! Page Hinton

  • Saturday, August 29, 2009 8:14 AM, EDT 

    Good morning, Alan.  I have been sitting here reading thru the Caring Bridge this morning, and it has been a blessing to me.  I am awed by your fight and inspired by your faith.  God is awesomely working in your life, and you are responding with courage and dependance on him…just what He wants from us.  I am praying for you daily, as well as your family, and I know that God has great things in store from this battle.  It is already impacting so many lives, and you are using it to His glory.  He will bless you for this!  Keep the faith, hold on tight, and stay strong.  So many prayers are being lifted daily for you!  Take care and God bless!

    Marie Wolfe
    Dillon, SC

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 11:08 PM, EDT 


    Thanks again for your testimony.  I confess that I haven’t been very God-focused in the last few years.  Life gets busy, and He can get crowded out by other (misplaced) priorities.  A number of things have occurred recently which have made me recalibrate my life, not least of which is the challenge that He has allowed into your life.  I read your daily entry, and it inspires me to spend time in prayer, for you and your family, but also for a lot of other people and situations that I have neglected to commit to Him on a regular basis.  Spending time in the Word, and praying on a regular basis over the last couple of weeks has given me a new perspective on what is really important.

    All this to say that I really appreciate the fact that you let a total stranger like me into your life – yes, to share your burden and to lift you up in prayer — but also to challenge me to be a man of God, father and husband that He wants me to be.  Thank you for your openness, and most of all your obvious, “out-there-for-everyone-to-see” love of Jesus.  I thank Him for you, and praise Him for the work that He is doing in you.

    May His love, peace, strength and healing be with you and Misty.

    In Him,
    Randy Randy Warner

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:49 PM, EDT 

    You just said it so well Alan!  Glad you’re experiencing the Strength and Sufficiency of Jesus as you are taking the chemo…  Continuing to pray for you and confident that your Source and Sufficiency is mightily at work in you right now!  Have a good night and a good weekend.  I’ll write more soon.  Love you my brother….

    Harold harold watson

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:48 PM, CDT 

    I like the narrow canyon approach… very well put! It was great seeing you today. I hope today is a better day 🙂

    In my thoughts and prayers AD 🙂

    Jaime Farland

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:40 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty –
    I’ve thought about you both a lot since Wednesday evening.  I know the past 48 hours have been another twist and turn on this roller coaster. 

    I pray for your strength; God’s healing powers; and for your family.

    Praying breath prayers frequently –  God Bless – Steve Steve Mann

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:22 PM, EDT 

    Hey….I tried to find your blog for 1 and a half hours and finally asked Bill to help and it took him 1 and a half minutes…..I’m mortified.  I read what you wrote…..I think you are amazing and I am sooooo proud of Misty’s calmness in all of this.  She and I are kindred spirits and I get her as if she is my sister for my whole life….we are so much alike….and seeing her so peaceful makes me proud and a stronger person myself.  We love you guys and think of you every single hour of every day!  God bless and it goes without saying….all our prayers are with you both and your beautiful children.  sharon weber

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 8:49 PM, CDT 

    Alan you are always on my mind along with Misty, the kids your mom and dad. I pray for you every day, but my best prayers are on top of the world (the Ravenel bridge) when I start up the bridge,no matter if i am going east or west I begin my prayer for you and your family. by the time I reach the peak (190′) my prayer is taken aloft. I am sure my prayers are reaching the right place

    danny rowland

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 8:23 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,
    I am not sure if you have read John Piper, but he has written “Don’t Waste Your Cancer”. My youngest son is a pastor and he studies Piper a lot. He recommended this link to his dad when Guy was diagnosed two years ago. I am putting the link here. I think of you every day and have mobilized prayers warriors on your behalf.
    Love in Christ, Sharon
    Sharon Barnes

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 8:08 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,

    Been thinking of you daily. Multiple times per day really. My thoughts drift to our first time breaking bread (actually hot wings (extra hot, extra wet, extra crispy). And of sharing a room at a trade show with you placing the towel from the bathroom under the crack in the door to keep the light from the hallway out! It’s true people.

    Let me know when you appetite is up to some wings and we will do it…….no towels or cracks involved please.

    Praying for you and I know you are going to win this battle. Drop me a line when you can and please call anytime if you just want a little chat with a short nerdy guy. I’ll fill in for him!
    Dan Knepper

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 3:08 PM, CDT 


    I gather from your guestbook that you’re in sales, but when you get thru this you need to WRITE A BOOK!  I LOVE reading your posts, and Misty’s.  Keep up the awesome attitude, strength and faith. 

    Always thinking of the Dove family,
    Andrea Pemberton Andrea Pemberton

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 2:40 PM, EDT 

     Dear Alan,
          As I read your journal each day,  I realize how much God is using you in your fight against cancer as a witness to so many people, many who don’t even know you personally, but have heard your story and are so moved by your strong faith and your courage as you fight this battle.    We pray for you  without ceasing.  You and your precious family are constantly on our minds and in our hearts.  We love you dearly and pray God’s loving arms encircle you and hold you close as you go forward with this fight.  Hold tight!  It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but you can do it.   Love and hugs to all of you.   Jane Dove
    Rowland, NC

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 11:20 AM, EDT 

    Wow, Dovey you know a lot of people, I suppose that’s what you get when you are such a faithful friend. Glad Aiden enjoyed his first days of school so much.  Tell him uncle Apple is psyched for him.  I loved Kindergarten myself, our class teacher Mrs. Bliss was lovely, just wonderful, memorable 34 years later. Funny I never thought of this before…what a perfect name Mrs. Bliss is for a loving teacher of children during the happiest, most innocent, blissful time of their lives.  She taught kindergarten at my school for about 40 years.   Anyway, I didn’t start writing to make a point, really just to say hi to you all, but the point apparently is that there are angels like Mrs. Bliss all around us lifting us up, and sometimes they have names that point them out.  Like Bliss, like Dove, the biggest, strongest, determined guy I know who is also the kindest friend a person can have.  Let us not read any signifigance into my name Appleman;)…

    Anyway, all enjoy the weekend.  Yours, apple craig appleman

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 10:16 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    I am hart broken with the news.  My prayers go out to you and your family.  It sounds like you are in good spirits and that is exactly what you will need to beat this.  You have a beautiful family and my prayer is that you will have many more years enjoying them!

    Best wishes,
    David Van Zee

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:39 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,
    It is SO good to hear you have a consensus on your plan of treatment.  That is outstanding news!!!!  I am also glad you now have medicine in your body, hunting down those bad cells and getting rid of them – that feels good (figuratively of course – not physically :-))
    Hang in there – I am sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way.
    Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:39 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,
        I want to let you know that I am thinking about you continually.  I have been including you in my prayers daily.  Sometimes in the morning, before I have gotten out of bed, I will sit up and pray aloud.  I feel more sincere when I pray aloud and this makes me feel like I am being heard.  The lord is our light and our path.  His only wish is that we live by his principles and guidelines and go forth into the world to serve and love him.  To yield to the lord and praise his name is to surrender that which we think is important and live our lives according to what he thinks is important.  I have found that everything seems to fall into place and work out beneficially if I yield to him.  I have learned that even if our outcome in life isnt exactly and precisely as we would wish that it doesnt matter because it is the outcome that the lord wants for us.  “Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.”  Whatever outcome he wants for us is a blessing if we have surrendered ourselves to him because then we are truely his children. 
       I truely believe that the lord has a special plan for all Christians.  There are a few of us who have  been given a gift from him.  It is important for us to recognize and recieve this gift.  It is a spiritual gift.  He uses us and has a plan for us.  Ultimately, his goal is for us to love him and be rewarded by the new person that will be born within us.  Interestingly, I see how the lord is using you and the challenges that you are facing to bring you closer to him but he’s kind of sly because he is drawing a lot of other people involved in your challenges closer to him as well.  He is clever.  I love you Alan.  I wish that I were sitting right next to you gripping your hand.  I have alot of respect for you.    I have always believed in you and had much faith in you.   I want to be available to you in any capacity that I can.   Call on me.  Your Brother, Tom 
    PS-  I am ready for a Ganza event.  I won’t miss it this time.      Tom Green

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 9:05 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan!
    Great to hear that you are on the path of treatment and that it is going well (i use that term loosly!)  Keep your spirits up and continue to rest in God!
    We love reading your blog updates.

    The Rusk Family Wendy Rusk

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 8:30 AM, CDT 


    Just got the news and wanted you to know that the May’s were thinking about you and praying for you.  You are going to beat this thing…..

    Secondly, as a die hard Wisconsin Badger, who’s first job was at University of North Carolina Hospitals, I need to comment on the badger therapy you mentioned on this site.  While this is an approved therapy in Wisconsin, it is not used on NC because they don’t have badgers. 

    Loving regards,

    Bernie Bernie May

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 8:02 AM, CDT 


    You were the most positive, energetic and fun loving person we had at IDX.  Even when others questioned direction you kept pushing forward to the end.  I’m keeping positive that you will get though this with the love of the Lord and help of your beautiful family and friends.   

    We are all thinking of you and praying for you everyday. 

    The chicken fights and arm wrestling have just begun and my money is still on you.   

    Lots of Love
    Sue Ferguson
    Fletcher VT (God’s Country) Sue Ferguson

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 7:48 AM, EDT 

    Alan You truly are an inspiration to me and many of the men who know you and here of your strenght in this fight…
    We love you and are here for you, keep up Gods work, you are changing lives that you are not even aware of.

    God Bless You,

    Rick Touchette rick touchette

  • Friday, August 28, 2009 6:34 AM, CDT 

    It was great hearing your update for the last couple of days.
    I know Aiden is thrilled with school.
    I pray that the next week of R and R will replenish your inner strength and faith giving you a new focus.
    Love to all!!!
    Everyone’s prayers continue to envelop you with God’s loving Hands.

    I Love You!
    Aunt Linda linda smith

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:56 PM, EDT 


    I know that this is going to be a journey, so I’m praying that the Lord will give you endurance.  I am grateful for your willingness to share your journey with us.  Your faith and trust is truly inspiring.  May the Spirit be every present with you, Misty and your children as you continue to endure.  I look forward with anticipation to the healing that only the Great Physician can provide.

    In His Love, Randy Warner

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:28 PM, CDT 


    My thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.  I am in oncology sales and one of our products is Eloxatin (oxaliplatin) so if you need any info, please let me know.  Dr. Goldberg is a guru in colon cancer so if he agrees with your current therapy, you are in very good hands.  Keep up the great fight and know that there are lots of prayers being sent your way! Amy (McLaurin) Lynch

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:48 PM, CDT 

    I am so thankful that you have had some good days.  REJOICE!  And, just know that IF the bad or hard days come, lean on us!!!!  We are here to get you thru and help you to strengthen and BEAT this beast!!!!!!!!!!  Today, I thanked God for your healthy spirits.  I will be a non-stop prayer warrior for you and Misty! 
    Amy Wilde (Van Zee)
    Greensboro, NC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:55 PM, EDT 

    Happy to hear that you had a good day.  I think and about you and pray for you every day.  I have put you on the prayer list at church. 

    Love you!
    Nancy James

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:26 PM, EDT 

    Hey Guys,

    I am glad the Dr.’s visit went well today.  My wife and I are at UNC often visiting with our church family.  TARHEEL country is a GREAT place to be. 

    Thank you Lord for the blessings of this day.  I thank you for Alan and his great witness to each of us.  I pray for him and his family and ask that you bless them.  Father you alone are worthy of all praise.  We praise you and give thanks for the mighty works you are doing in each one us.  I pray also for Alan’s mom and dad.  Father renew them each morning as they seek your face in this journey.  We love you so much Jesus and thank you for loving us.    Amen.

    Glad school is going well.  Hope you all get some much needed rest.  

    DL Page  DL Page
    White Lake, NC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:02 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,

    I worked with your mom at hospital for several years.  Though we have not met I feel I know you and Misty and the kids through your mom sharing stories and pictures.  As soon as we got the word from your mom, you were added to our prayer list at church and our CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) group- an international organization.  Prayers are going up for you and your family all over the world.
    I believe God is going to honor your faith!  May God bless you today and everyday.  May your will be so entwined with God’s will that the two are one.  May you have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.  I believe you are a warrior and God is going to use you mightly.  God Bless you and your family.  cindy byrd
    Longs, SC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 7:46 PM, EDT 

    Although I’ve been absent for a few days (I feel guilty saying I haven’t felt very well, but alas the truth), you and your family remain in my daily prayers and thoughts. God Bless.

    Kelly Kelly Perkins

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 7:46 PM, EDT 

    I had lunch last week with my dear friend Dawn Yonce.  She shared with me what you have been going through.  I have been reading the guestbook and your journal entries.  I can see
    that you have not changed a bit.  Still strong, upbeat and positive. 
    It has been a long time since last I saw you.  I worked at Palmetto Carriage and was good friends with Tony Youmans from Old Towne.  I can remember many times hanging out at the barn and all the laughter that entailed!
    What I remember most about you is your positive energy, your compassion, and your willingness to work as hard as it took to get the job done.  I just wanted to let you know that I am sending healing energies and uplifting prayers your way!  I just know your Lord is holding you and your family in the palm of his hand and will see you all through this! 
    Blessings, xoxo

    Lisa Harper Berezny
    Charleston, SC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 7:41 PM, EDT 

    It is wonderful to see God answering prayers right before our eyes.  God knows his plans for you……….to bless you!  I believe that he will continue to walk with you moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.  God can break it down simply for us.  Keep the faith Alan and Misty.  God will continue to bless you and your family.  I am keeping that in my prayers for you!

    Bob Foster
    Greenwood, SC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 12:19 PM, EDT 

    Crazy here,
    I am a big fan of Dove and his Crew.  Dovie is a strong man who only faces challenges head on.  I have wonderful memories of my times with him at C of C.  Alan is and awesome friend to me.   I always seemed to gravitate to Alan because of his creative outlooks, nose for fun and good moral base.  I want to share a memory.  It is a simple memory and does not involve a long story.  I just remember John, Alan, me and Apple piling into John’s midsize(very small) pickup and heading to the Piggly Wiggly for some barbeque sauce ingrediant so we could cook a boston butt.  It was always hot, sweaty, and smelly but so much fun.  I dont think his ac worked and maybe the windows wouldnt roll down.  The worst was getting stuck next to John cause you couldnt find anywhere to put your leg so he could shift.  This became a ritual and something I will never forget.  The humor in that truck couldnt be compared.  This is all for today.  I will check back another day with another funny story.  I have a few.      Tom Green
    Hendersonville, NC

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 10:36 AM, EDT 

    Good morning!  So we have met the enemy, thanks for the great upbeat reort.  How was the first day of school ?? craig appleman

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:47 AM, EDT 

    To my big, little brother and his family, 

    I think of you guys everyday and pray for you.  With persistence and tenacity, (that is what you have tons of and is what has made you successful) you will not only conquer this, you will flap your wings at an unprecedented number of beats per minute, and fly away from it faster than any dumb bee has ever done.

    I am certainly touched by all of the postings and all of your updates.  Your strong will, your great photos on facebook and your daily updates are inspirational and the key is that there is one thing missing, sadness.  I havent seen a sad face nor a sad post from you and I hope it stays that way.  So the missing expression should stay invisible. It is less strenuos to smile (17 muscles) than it is to frown (43 muscles). 

    My new saying:

    Save some energy, SMILE!!!!!

    Love you guys,

    Chuck Chuck Creighton
    East Bridgewater, MA
    United States

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:33 AM, CDT 

    Alan- no pity party for you–  we all know you are fighting this thing and winning!!!   You are not only a team of one fighting this- you have a team of thousands cheering you on!! 

    You’re energy, determination, and fight is BIGGER then any cancer.  The medicine is only one part of the cure- mind, body, prayer, family, and friends are the other parts that will prevail.  Keep it up and looking forward to seeing you and talking about the iPhone.  🙂   Erica

    Erica Rouleau

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:29 AM, EDT 

    Hope that you’re having a good day. All the troops are praying for you and praising God for the miracles already taking place.
    Your mamma is right. This is an AWESOME journey and so many lives have been touched by what the Lord is doing through you.
    We’re so thankful to have you in our lives and for the man of faith that you are. Keep the faith and keep your eyes on JESUS!
    You’ve had a great 39 years so far and the next 39 (or more) are going to be even better!

    Praise God for ALL the blessings that You have showered down on us. Please, keep Alan, Misty, Aiden, Addy, Joan & Ken in Your loving arms and keep that old devil off their back. Please, show them signs of encouragement along the way and help them to feel Your presence and love. Place the stone as only You can, Lord. I praise You for what you’ve already done and for the miracles that are taking place. In the precious name of Jesus!

    Love to all of you!
    Eric and Kay
    eric hayes

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 8:20 AM, EDT 


    I know that our meeting was brief, but you are one of those personalities that sticks in a person’s mind after they meet you.

    I wanted you to know that even in that short time I know the following to be true.

    You are stronger than this, your family is stronger than this, you will beat this.

    You will beat this.

    It’s the only thing you need to remember.

    Thank you for being you, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


    P.S. along with O’s Routine Foxtrot 47 with a sidecar willy – I believe that the Reverse Swerve is also called for and would be honored to participate. Patrick Knerr

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 7:54 AM, EDT 


    I echo Tim’s sentiments and will reach out to you later in the day for some face time. If there is anything I can do to help you and the family do not hestitate to ask.

    I look forward to seeing you back in the saddle cowboy!

    Routine Foxtrot 47 with a sidecar willy is waiting for you in Tampa my friend…O Owen Byrnes
    Tampa, FL

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 7:02 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, I wanted to write to say that you and your family are in my prayers daily. I know that you will overcome your illness and be back better than ever. It is comforting to see that your faith is strong and that you have so many like me that are praying for you. I have always enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you again. Please let me know if there is any way I can help out. God bless you and your beautiful family. Stay strong Alan and keep the faith. Tim Davis

  • Thursday, August 27, 2009 5:33 AM, EDT 

    Alan, Iam thinking of you this morning and praying for your family. We are so proud of your courage and positive attitude!I am sure Aiden will do well in kindergartenand come home with lots of stories about his busy days. We saw Mandy last night and she sends her love and prayers.
                                             Della Della Dove

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:50 PM, EDT 

    Stay strong in your faith my young Padawan!  We are praying for you and your family. Mark Hilborn

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:18 PM, EDT 

    Hey buddy… my fellow southerner… keep up the good fight. You sound strong and your comments are enlightening. david wild

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:11 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan,

    Just read about what you’ve been through on the site.  Sounds like you’ve definitely got the right attitude.  Good luck with the rest of your treatment, I’m sure you’ll do fine and beat this diagnosis.  Take it easy, let me know if I can help in any way.

    Take care,

    John John Nani

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 9:56 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan and family.  You don’t know me, but I work with your aunt, Kay Hayes.  She speaks of you all often and has your beautful pictures posted in her work area.  I feel like I know you.  I was so sorry to hear about your illness.  I just wanted to let you and Misty know our office is praying for you.   Kay is the general and we are the troops.  The Lord will see you through this battle.  Take care.

    Haley Easterling
    Hartsville, SC
    United States

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:25 PM, EDT 

    Hey,  Alan. I just heard about your illness today from Madge Grimsley Hamer.  You will definitely be in my prayers.  I will put you the prayer list at our church also.  Hang in there.  

    Jerry Hyatt Jerry Hyatt
    Florence, SC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:49 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    There are two candles lit in a small mountain chapel called Blessed Sacrament Church in Stowe, VT — one for you and one for your family.  The church is dedicated to the Eucharist, the gift of life that Jesus gave for all of us.  I am praying for you and your family at Mass every week.

    Keep focused, stay strong and fight like hell.  Enjoy your family, it is obvious how much they mean to you.  The pictures on the site are great.  Thanks for sharing them.

    Doug Schwab

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:23 PM, EDT 

    Alan,  We had a saying in my son’s room that said:  You are never taller than when you are on your knees.  This is so true.  It is so amazing how God allows us to see things that are in front of us everyday.  We have been praying for you each night. 

    You are an inspiration to so many people.  Look forward to seeing just how God will work in your life as well as your family.  Take care and God Bless Angela Usher Andrew
    Aynor, SC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 5:25 PM, EDT 

    Glad to hear you are doing great!  I’m spreading your message to all of our classmates and pass along this website.  Funny, how everyone responds that your pic is not the boy they remember from high school.  I’m still inspired (and thankful) by the impact of your illness has gotten so many people together to pray.  Keep strong as God is using you in a very special way.  When you can’t go on, remember all of us who are praying not just for you, but your family as well.  And if I ever hear anything negative from you, I’m threatening to post some old prom pics.  Take care and love of those little ones (and Misty and your parents). madge hamer

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 3:54 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,Benny and I are still praying for you and your beautiful family. We attend First Baptist Church in Mullins, S.C. and you are now on our prayer list. We are giving thanks for the miracle that God is going to perform.Give your mom and dad a hug for us,we love them both.My daughter in Hawaii has all her co-workers praying too. Take care and keep your positive attitude.
    Lynne Johnson
    Fork, SC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 3:24 PM, PDT 

    Dove…..thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way.

    We’re cheering for you all the way through this……

    Ted Standen
    Tucson, AZ

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 2:59 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty,
    Wow, what a journey you are on!  I am so impressed by your response to all of this. 
    God’s peace is not an escape from reality.  We are unfortunatly not somehow mentally removed from our pain and struggling…instead, peace I believe is an underlying rock solid foundation so that no matter what tears we may cry or the sorrow we feel, deep down inside we know with assurance that God is with us.  God is in control here Alan, and the joy of the Lord is going to emerge far greater than any depth of agony and loss of control you may be experiencing now.  I sense you are well on your way!!! Wendy Rusk
    Huntersville, NC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 1:44 PM, EDT 

    You are in my families thoughts and prayers. May God Bless you and help you through this trial for it is only a trial and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even if we cannot see it right now.  God always has a plan and a reason, we might not agree with that plan  but his is always the right one for our life.  I have been down the road you are facing now and will keep you and Misty in my prayers daily!  I know first hand what it is like to walk in your shoes. There will be days of laughter and days of tears but remember through it all God is always caring you Alan and you have a lovely wife and family to help you through this.

    Crissy & Breanna
    Andrews, NC

    Crissy Beavers

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:57 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    What an attitude and an inspiration!   You go get ’em 🙂

    Good luck today at Kindergarten.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers – Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:49 AM, CDT 

    Everyone KNOWS you can beat this, YOU know you can beat this, and like me you also know why/how you can beat this. Continue to allow the Father to bring glory to himself through the face of what we consider tragedy. Knowing that you understand this is what makes “the fight” worth fighting. We can weap but brother we weap with joy becasue WE know the end result, we know the deal is sealed, and we know you ARE beating this. There is a legacy of our faith that has been passed onto us to continue in living. All of this is a marothon and you now have the batton. Run this race and fight this fight as our forefathers before us would have, to the Glory of God!”He who began a good work in you will be faithful and able to complete it.” Continue to embrace the hope that is your faith, a perfect,pure and holy gift. I believe in you, praying hard! Taylor White
    Birmingham, AL
    United States

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:01 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, 

    Keep up the amazing attitude!  You and your family are in our prayers.  Let us know if we can help in any way. 

    Brian & Tracey  Brian Bostian

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 7:47 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan, Brian Bostian
    Huntersville, NC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 7:33 AM, CDT 

    Shoulders back and chin up.
    Brian Brian Cole

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 7:03 AM, CDT 

    You are truly AMAZING and SO positive throughout this experience. You are teaching SO much about life, attitude and strength. I am always thinking of you and the family. xo

    Jaime Farland

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:52 AM, CDT 

    Alan and family,  We want you to know that we are praying for you and your treatments.  You probably don’t remember us but we knew your parents while we were at FBC, Dillon. 
          May God bless you and your family during these days and give you the strength that only He provides. 
    Janie & Larry Larry Rollins
    Rock Hill, SC

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 3:20 AM, CDT 

    After reading your journal today, I felt that I was sitting across from you listening to you speak.  Your words are so felt.  At the end of the day, may you rest, as tomorrow is a new day, a day to be thankful for in so very many ways.  Continuing to pray for you and yours!  Sandy Berry

  • Wednesday, August 26, 2009 2:19 AM, WST 

    Jim and I have you in our prayers constantly all through these days . Our new Baptist church, Wrightsboro Baptist is praying for you and your whole family with us. We are so proud of your strength and courage as you fight this battle!!! I know personally of the miracles our God performs in the way He brought me back from my journey with the burns I have. You have a wonderful positive attitude,leaning on the strength of His arms and trusting in His love and care for you. He is truely The great Physician! It is an honor to be prayer warriors for one we love so deeply! Love,
                   Della Della Dove
    Castle Hayne, NC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:14 PM, EDT 

    My sister beat a rare brain tumor with prayers and awesome doctors. I’m praying as hard for you and for the elimination of it from our vocabulary.
    Stay strong,
    Marc  Marc Cohn
    Cornelius, NC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:11 PM, EDT 

    Hang in there! My family has yours in their prayers. Keep your chin up and keep fighting man! Jamey Meekins
    Summerville, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:24 PM, EDT 


    Praise Him for a good day!  You continue to inspire.  Thanks for sharing your day with all your friends.  Per your suggestion, I’m praying a prayer of thanksgiving for what God is going to do.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    Randy Warner

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:13 PM, CDT 

    You know Alan…aside from being an invincible fighter and wonderful friend; you are also a great writer.  I think you should consider putting all of this into a book one day to help others through their challenges with cancer.  You have an extraordinary way of putting events into words and adding life to any story.
    You and your family are in my prayers!! And I fully expect to have my name mentioned somewhere in your book. 🙂

    Larissa Green
    Nashville, TN

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 9:31 PM, CDT 

    Was waiting for your message tonight. Thankful for your wonderful day. The battle is on. Remember David didn’t even need all of his stones. The Great Physician is always in charge of the situation. Enjoyed the talk today with your mother. I pray also for your parents strength. She has such faith and peace. We continue to pray for you and your family. We have placed you on our pray list at our church at the beach. Paul has also placed you on their list in Andrews
                                                             Stay strong in Christ
                                                          Teresa Sapp

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 9:27 PM, CDT 

    Its my birthdat today. I have prayed on you many times today and used up all my “wishes” on you! Great expectations…yes, I have them..for you, my friend. XO Robin Rowe
    Clarkesville, GA

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:27 PM, EDT 

    God has made us so that we have free will and choice in what we do and how we live.  Praying now for your choices.  Praying now for God’s will in your choices.  Keep that wonderful spirit that you have now.  I will pray that you do just that and “above and beyond what we can think or ask”  God Bless You and your wonderful family as you walk together through this. 
    Bob Foster
    Greenwood, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:26 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan,

    Don’t know if you remember me (DL Page) but wanted to let you know that my family will pray for you and your family each and every day.  Kay and Eric use to hang out with my mom and dad in LV.   I also put your name on our prayer sheet at church. 
    May God bless you and your family as He continues to hold you all in his hands.
    May His Grace shower each of you as you make this journey.

    In His Hands, Rev. Dl Page DL Page
    White Lake, NC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:25 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan,Misty & Family,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you during this difficult time. You are on the prayer chain at our church,Valleytown Baptist Church. I hope your treatments go well for you. I love all of you!!! Imogene phillips
    Andrews, NC
    United States

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 7:21 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I pray that your 1st chemo went really well for you.  I can just see you tomorrow going with Aiden to his first day of school.  I put you on our prayer list at church this past Sunday.  With God’s guiding the doctors in the way he knows you need, everything is going to be good.

    Fontella Hayes
    Lake View, SC Fontella Hayes
    Lake View, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 4:09 PM, CDT 

    Alan –

    I wanted to let you know that Gina, Olivia, Alaina and I have you and your family in our prayers.  I am glad that you have the calm in the midst of storms that comes from the Holy Spirit.  We pray that His grace will lift you up and for Him to guide your physicians and care team.

    Allen Scales Allen Scales

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:01 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Family,
    You do not know me, but I am your mother’s cousin. Your grandparents (Dennis & Sadie Page) were my Uncle and Aunt. What a great family! I won’t you to know that you are in our prayers. Alan, you are a great witness for the Lord, and I know He will be with you during the days ahead. 

    Betty R Kirby Betty Rose Kirby
    Mullins, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 2:58 PM, CDT 

    Dear Alan –
    Our families (Jim & I) thoughts and prayers are with you!!

    I just read your story – your wife is amazing!! She must have some strong intuition, so glad she was insistent. 

    Thinking of you today and every day –
    Kristi Kristi Sapia

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 2:11 PM, EDT 

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. You can beat this cancer, you are young  stay determined and strong.
    Annelle Covington

    Annelle Covington

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 1:10 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,
    Even though I don’t know you personally, I remember you from the College of Charleston and Maggie Feeney. When I learned last week about your diagnosis, I spoke with my sister-in-law’s boyfriend who went through a very similiar diagnosis and treatment. His name is Alex and he said he would get in touch with you. One of my favorite scripture verses in the bible is from Exodus 14:14 and it basically says “If you will let me, I will fight for you”. I can only help but think about all the people you have already witnessed to and will witness to, me being one of them. God Bless You, you are not alone, and I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Aimee Minchew Stevens

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 1:09 PM, CDT 


          You’re going to win this fight because you are at the core ….a warrior. Plain and simple, your desire to win will overcome cancer. 
    We love you…now go beat this damn thing.


    JOe Young

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 1:03 PM, EDT 


    I remember those days working out in the old pack-house back in LV, and you were always the strongest dude of the bunch.  That same strength and determination will pull you through now.  You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. 

    Your friend,

    David Sanderson
    Anderson, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 12:10 PM, CDT 

    All our love to you and the family during this new challenge in your life. It is a wonderful opportunity for us all to renew our faith and dedication to our Heavenly Father.
    Stand strong and always know that we are with you all the way.

    Hugs and kisses to all.

    Aunt Linda and Uncle Max linda smith
    Lake View, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:49 AM, EDT 

    Alan, You are in our prayers! Good luck with the treatments. Kelly Hayes
    Dillon, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:16 AM, EDT 

    Gettem tiger!

    craig appleman

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 11:11 AM, EDT 

    Dear Alan                 
           Praise the Lord for I know that He is standing right there beside you as you are meeting you first chemo.        Be. not afraid for we know that with God any thiing is possible. My thoughs and prayers are with you .    
            May God be you              lLove       Vernon vernon dove

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:59 AM, EDT 

    Someone wrote this on their status today and I thought it was perfect.  We are in earnest prayer for you.  – Lesley Bruns
    Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith. –Henry Ward Beecher
    Lesley Bruns
    Seven Fields, PA

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:49 AM, CDT 

    Dear Alan,

    I want you to know that I am thinking of you and lifting you and your precious family up in my prayers daily.  I trust that God will give you the courage and the strength that you need to overcome this obstacle.

    Besides, if there is anyone that can beat this, its most certainly you!  From the first time I met you, you carried that kind of positive “I get what I want” attitude!  You are a winner that posseses an enormous amount of tenacity and drive and I know you’ll defeat Cancer, without a doubt!

    Keep your faith and take comfort in the fact that you are surrounded by prayer from so many that believe in you.

    Hollie Hollie Coker
    Birmingham, AL

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:48 AM, EDT 

    Alan & Family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this fight.  May God continually pour out His love and peace to you and give you the strength you need every day.

    Much love,
    Beverly Hatchell Elmore Beverly Elmore
    Greenville, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:30 AM, EDT 

    ALan, we just want you to know that we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
    Love, OJ and Joyce Hatchell Joyce Hatchell
    Dillon, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:25 AM, EDT 

    Just wanted you to know that Brandi, Sami and I have your family in our prayers and that God will send an angel (because we all know you need a special angel) to help remove the cancer with God’s hand to show everyone that miracles still exist.  I know you will “FLY with ignorance” because you know no other way to be. 

    Lance, Brandi & Sami McCoy Lance McCoy

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 10:08 AM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,

    I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family.  I know it probably doesn’t make sense now, but God always does things for a reason.  I believe he gives trials to his strongest children and you are without a doubt one of the strongest and most determined people I have ever met.  You will remain in my prayers!

    ~Carly Blackburn Carly Blackburn

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 8:27 AM, EDT 

    Thinking of you and praying tomorrow goes well.  Stay strong. Laurie Ann Gamble
    Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 7:53 AM, CDT 


    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Bill Johnson
    Wake Radiology

    Bill Johnson

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 7:52 AM, EDT 

    Alan and family

    You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers especially on this first day of chemo.  When my son started his first chemo they gave him adavan to take the edge off and he found that helpful in controling the stress of the unknown.

    The Lord is my strength and my redeemer whom shall I fear? So go forward in your battle with NO FEAR! Karan Tremoulis

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 6:58 AM, EDT 

    You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers this morning. Be strong!

    “The LORD is my strength and my shield.” Psalm 28:7

    We love ya’ll so much! Hang in there. God is walking with you.
    And we’re still working on growing the prayer circle. Hugs to you,Misty, Aiden, Addy, Joan, and Ken.

    Eric and Kay eric hayes

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 6:29 AM, CDT 


    We will be thinking of you and your family today and every day of your journey. 

    John and Teri Teri Dove

  • Tuesday, August 25, 2009 5:36 AM, CDT 

    Many thoughts and prayers with you today as you start your chemo.  Go get em….  You will fly……
    Love Always,
    Jamie Jamie Pope

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 9:53 PM, EDT 

    El Dorado

    Gaily bedight,
    A gallant knight,
    In sunshine and in shadow,
    Had journeyed long,
    Singing a song,
    In search of Eldorado.

    But he grew old-
    This knight so bold-
    And o’er his heart a shadow
    Fell as he found
    No spot of ground
    That looked like Eldorado.

    And, as his strength
    Failed him at length,
    He met a pilgrim shadow-
    “Shadow,” said he,
    “Where can it be-
    This land of Eldorado?”

    “Over the Mountains
    Of the Moon,
    Down the Valley of the Shadow,
    Ride, boldly ride,”
    The shade replied-
    “If you seek for Eldorado!”

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Alan – I think this particular poem is about perseverance  to reach your dream, goals, or whatever your El Dorado might be. In stanza four it says “over the mountains of the moons, down the valley of the shadow.” (Psalm :23) I beleive it means that the knight will have to suffer and go through hard times as any good thing is to obtain. The journey will be hard but he must travel it to reach his El Dorado.   You are that knight, strong and brave and held in His merciful Hands.

    Adrienne Grayson

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 9:06 PM, EDT 


    I’m reading through the Bible, and was reading 1 Samuel the other day and read the story of David and Goliath (for about the 100th time).  What struck this time was how David RAN OUT to meet Goliath – he was eager to get to the battle, because he knew that God would give him the victory over his enemy.  Through the story you are telling, I see a lot of David in you — your bravery as you confidently run into the battle, knowing that God will give you the strength that you need.  Thank you for your testimony.  It is inspiring.

    My prayers are with you and your family.  God bless you guys. Randy Warner

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 9:05 PM, EDT 

    Remembering that yes, you can fly and that you can “do all things through Christ who is your strength!”  Keep your eyes/mind/heart/soul focused above on Jesus.  Praying for you my brother.

    Harold harold watson

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 8:55 PM, EDT 

       Praise God The arrangements are all in place and all is well and now we all are ready for battle.  with God incomplete  charge how can you help but win and  you will.
       Alan my thoughs and prayers are with you both day and nght.Just this afternoon a friend was at church and a group was out on the porch and she told them about youand ask for their prayers. I’m spreading the word
    and asking every one for theirs prayers for you.
         God be with you misty and  Sissy , Alan , Ken    and Joan.                                 
                Love       Vernon                                                           vernon dove

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 8:54 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,
    I will pray that your treatment goes well tomorrow. Be strong! Marty Motz
    Rock Hill

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 8:45 PM, CDT 

    Alan just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your family.We have friends and family praying as well. God is good and he is in controll. Lynne Johnson
    Fork, SC

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 8:34 PM, CDT 


    Know that I am praying for you and your family.  Thank you for sharing your battle with your friends.  God will be gloryfied through what you are going through.  If you every need to talk or share a prayer request give me a call.  I will be in prayer for you tomorrow as you start the chemo.

    In Christ Andy Gill

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 8:05 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,
    Congratulations on the success of the port!  That’s a huge step.  I pray that the rest of your week goes well.  It sounds like a BIG line-up with talking with Aiden, kindergarten starting, chemo, etc.  What a mix of emotions.

    All of your friend and family are with you step by step on this journey, cheering and praying for you.  Thanks for letting us all in and accepting our prayers and good wishes.

    Take care, Celeste

    Celeste Garcia

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 7:47 PM, CDT 

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! I know you have the strength, drive and determination to fight this and get through these tough months ahead…. just like Barry the bee in “Bee Movie” 🙂

    Love y’all. Jaime Farland

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 7:40 PM, CDT

    Stacey Gordon is now at Emory and wanted to be sure you have this link.
    Hang tough, my friend. Sharon Barnes

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 6:14 PM, EDT 


    Today was a busy day.   First the man came to check our air conditioners/heating system. He was a man in need of prayers also.  He is worried that he has diabetes but he has no health insurance–can’t afford it.  I took a blood sugar reading and it was well within range.  I am going to get some diabetes info for him and I will be praying.  He left feeling a little better. 

    Then the termite exterminator came about our home contract. He also sat with us to chat.  As we got deeper into conversation, it led us to religion.  What an inspiring person he was!!  As he was leaving, Vernon asked him if he would pray for you.  He was deeply moved and we stopped to have a prayer session on our front porch.  We held hands and exchanged hugs. 

    I tell you this because it was as if God sent those two men into our home and we felt the Holy Spirit in action.  Know then that you have many friends, family and even strangers who are sharing prayers and feelings with you.  Know also that God sees and hears these concerns and prayers.  As you go through the days ahead, we will again see the Holy Spirit in action.

    “For prayer is nothing else than being on terms of friendship with God.” St. Teresa of Avila (1515-1582) Mary Lou Dove

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 5:46 PM, PDT 

    Please know my prayers are with you and your family during this challenging time.  I have been where you are and was terrified the night before my first chemo treatment.  I look back now and know I was more afraid of the cure than the diagnosis.  I knew cancer wouldn’t take me from my family, but I had no idea what the effects of chemo would do to me or my family.  Five years later I am a cancer survivor.  Every dose you take brings you closer to your goal of living a long healthy life with your family.  

    I do want to offer one piece of advice- listen to your chemo nurses.  They are a wealth of information about combating side effects of the drugs you’ll be taking and follow their suggestions.

    May God be with you and your family,
    Jenn Fish
    (4 Bull St. College of Charleston) Jennifer Fisher Baldwin
    Coronado, CA

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 12:58 PM, EDT 


    I just heard about your cancer from Karan Tremoulis.

    Did you know we have one of the pre-eminent experts in liver cancer and mets in the country? Dr. Andrew Kennedy, who practices at Wake Radiology Oncology Services in Cary is asked to speak in symposiums and similar gatherings all over the globe. Would you like me to talk to him to get you set up for a consult? Just email me at or call 919 413 9923.

    Also, if there is anything else I can do, don’t hesitate to call or email. I mean it!

    I want to see you on the floor at RSNA again. Figuring out which booth you are on each year is part of the fun.

    Best wishes

    Ron Mitchell
    Raleigh, NC

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 12:36 PM, CDT 


    Wendell gave me the news this morning, wanted to let you know that I’ll pray for you, and also that my Dad is on the back end of a successful bout with colon cancer – surgeries, chemo, the whole deal – he was diagnosed two years ago, and he’s in Raleigh, and if you wanted, he would be happy to talk with you and your family about his experience, what he learned in going through the whole process that you’re starting to work through now, resources for information, etc.

    Let me know if we can be of help in any way.

    God bless you and the family,

    Gray Shipley
    Birmingham, AL

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 11:35 AM, MDT 

    Dear Alan,
    I just learned of your cancer through a message from Steve Haberlein and wanted to get online immediately to learn more.  I’m so glad you’ve got family and a relationship with our God to give you strength! 

    You’ll be in my prayers through this, and in the prayers of many others.  I look forward to you making the long trip back to Alaska with us again – we’ve got customers to see and friends to make!

    My best wishes,

    Jeff Marchant
    Highlands Ranch, CO

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 11:13 AM, CDT 

    ” Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you and you will find it. Knock and it will be opened you you….”

    Alan Ask in faith, Faith always knows, it doesn’t wish for healing it promises to provide healing.

    Aimee Aimee Rowland-Sigmon

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 10:37 AM, EDT 

    Hey there all,

    Hope you had a super weekend together!  I know you’re anxious to move forward with treatment.  I’m sure all will commence without a hitch. 

    Aiden must be psyched for his first day of school on Wednesday, as I’m sure his mom and dad are.  In yankee news, Bancker Apple can swim!!  You guys have tons of fun together. 

    Apple, 401-855-0686 craig appleman

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 10:04 AM, EDT 

    G OOD MORNING CHAMP  YOU ARE BEING REMEMBER TO  OUR LORD HERE IN GA AND TEX  I KNOW GOD IS HEARING OUR PRAYERS AND I HAVE EVER  REASON TO   KNOW THERE   WILL BE GOOD times      AHEAD FOR YOU        JIM AND I ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING WITH YOU INthe very near future   be your best  and give my love to sissy adren and misty      love  vernon vernon dove

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 9:34 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan and family,
    I worked at an arms distance with you during the Wake Radiology RIS implementation. I learned of your illness through Ron Mitchell and was saddened, but immediately thought of a story that may cheer you. Twelve or thirteen years ago, my sister in law, was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 39. She immediately had surgery followed with chemo. Unfortunatey, it metatasized to her color in less than year. Willing to continue to really fight, she got into a research program at Duke University to resect the liver (over half of it) and make an antigen from the tumor cells and have that reinjected into her system in hopes of her building antibodies to her cancer. She never received liver chemo in the traditional sense. Duke was excited to have her as they did not have any participants in this age group. She had the surgery by a Dr. Clavian and he took out a good portion of her liver. After all the liver is the only internal organ that regenerates. They made the antigen and put back in her system. Results were fantastic. She is still cancer free. I can only hope that this practice completed it’s research and is considered a potential treatment. If you decide to have surgery to include the liver, then there should be no additional pain to you, so if interested, I’d contact the oncology section at Duke. This must still be familiar to them. Or even better, contact your oncologist and see if they are familiar with the process. She is happy and healthy even 12-13 years out. The odds bet better as each day passes. I pray you find a solution which is so effective. I wanted to share this story with you as sometimes these things aren’t available in all places. Keep your options open. I don’t even know if that surgeon is still at Duke, but liver resection is done by many and it depends on tumor location as well. It is the creation of the antigen that was key in my sister in laws recovery. I wish you and your family well and look forward to reading your success story as it unfolds. Margaret King
    Raleigh, NC

  • Monday, August 24, 2009 2:01 AM, CDT 

    Alan – please know that you and your sweet family are in my thoughts and prayers.   While faced with something of this magnitude, one can only imagine what you are going through.  Know that God’s arms are wrapped around you, your wife, and precious children.  He will give you strength and guide you through this journey.  Stay strong, my friend.   Sandy Berry
    Fayetteville, NC

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 10:04 PM, EDT 

    Misty and Alan,
    You have been in my thoughts and prayers non stop and will continue to be this week as your battle begins.
    You have both displayed so much strength and I hope when that strength is hard to find you will feel it from this amazing community of family and friends all around you.  Remember that SO many people are here for you.
    Love to all 4-
    Amy Amy Spear

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 9:06 PM, EDT 

    Still praying—have seen so many miracles of God just lately, that have had cancer invade their lives & thru faith & stength just like yours, The cancer is GONE !!! That is our prayer for you. Hope u all know how much u r loved & admired————Hang On ! God’s in the miracle working business.
    Lots of Love,
    The West’s———–all of them !!!!!!!!!!

    diane west

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 8:45 PM, EDT 

    Alan –

    Although we do not know you, we have been told of the fight that you are about to take on.  We have been told of the love of your family, the beauty of your children and the unwavering support of your friends. You are a blessed man indeed!  

    We are honor to be part of your team. We will keep you in our prays. Our home and our hearts will be open to you always.

    Con mucho gusto,

    Linette and Ricardo Lopez
    Puerto Rico

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 8:39 PM, EDT 

    I love having a blackberry and getting these updates wherever I am.I have a lil 9 year old friend on CB that I’m also on my knees about…I love the David analogy!! Rest well tonight, boss man…Crazy week ahead! Robin Rowe

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 8:19 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan
    Thinking of you often and hope that as your week starts that you will feel God’s presence with you. 

    You know kids are very resilient and I am sure God will help guide you as you figure out what you need to say to Aiden.. Kids are also pretty smart so being as honest as you can without transmitting fear usually works.  You never know what kids might say and if Aiden is grounded in what you have told him then he will know how to be strong too.  When I worked in Peds I always tried to be as honest and open as I could and let them know I was right there with them every step of the way..  The power of love and hope go long way..

    Many prayers your way bud…

    Kim Stavrinakis
    Richmond, VT

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 8:15 PM, EDT 


    Leslie and I are thinking and praying for you. Your challenge is one you will overcome. As I told you last week.. you are a winner.. Winners win.. Do it.

    Faith, Family and Friends are you tools.. Use them to your advantage.

    We will continue our prayer chain throughout our church and family. Know that there are many you know and don’t know who are talking to god about you. Asking for his healing hand.

    God bless you.

    Leslie and Steve Haberlein

    Steve & Leslie Haberlein

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 7:39 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan.  Hope you’ve had a good Sunday.  I’ve been praying for you and your family.  I know you are eager in some ways and concerned in some ways about getting the port in tomorrow and then getting your first treatment.  Keep your thoughts positive and stay focused on the fact that Jesus is your Source, Sufficiency, Strength, Hope and Salvation!  I know it’s difficult knowing what and how much to share with Aiden.  I think the advice your friend Don shared about what they shared with their son is wise…I’d definitely let him know that while the medicine they’re going to give you is to help you get better it can in the short term make you feel bad…like your friend Don shared, you can’t hide it from him and he’s already most likely picked up on some.  But, I know that God will give you the wisdom and the words to share and you should share what you’re comfortable sharing at this time.  I’ll be praying for you and be eager to hear how the port procedure goes tomorrow.

      harold watson

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 6:35 PM, EDT 

    A big week ahead for the Dove men! Adien off to kindergarten and you off to chemo.  A new journey for you both. Scary and filled with the unknown, yet about personal growth and learning. You two make a great little team! Hope this weekend you, Misty and your parents were able to take in the massive amount of love, prayer, support and admiration that has been filling your lives.  Much love and peace to you all.   
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

    Adrienne Grayson
    Mt Pleasant, SC

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:21 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan and family,

    You are constantly on our minds as we pray for all of you.  I can relate several instances when I feel that I  have been in the presence of God.  At trying times I know that I feel his protecting arms around me.  God sends signs that we can recognize if we leave our hearts open to Him.  It is at such times that he is revealing the strength that He sends to us.  At times,
    do you feel the gentle breeze?  That is the wings of angels that He has sent to watch over us. 

    We have many people reaching out to you in prayer.  All of Vernon’s Navy friends in Texas, Utah, Alabama, Indiana and Nebraska.  Some of my Swedish friends in Maine and Wisconsin, and church friends in Georgia.  A cousin in Florida, also.  Ed and Eva Wilkes in Byron Ga call frequently to check on you.  As the word spreads, the list grows longer with the names of people who are praying for you.

    Also know that everyone is praying that God will give your doctors knowledge and caring hands to deliver you to good health again.  It sounds as though you have found such doctors.  That is another of God’s blessings.

    It is obvious that you have great faith in God and so you are in good hands.  Stand tall and praise God.

    Vernon and Mary Lou Mary Lou Dove
    Macon GA

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:13 PM, EDT 

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten all of the doctors and staff that are working with you, that you will find strength to make it through your treatments and side effects, that your family will find strength, courage and understanding;  and that you will all feel the unbelievable power of prayers that are being said for you.  “If God will lead you to it, God will lead you through it.”

    Angela Rowland Basha
    Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 12:17 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan, Misty, and Precious Children,

    Please count Jim and me in as Prayer Warriors.  We are thinking of each of you and will lift you up daily as we pray.  One of my favorites is:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Please hold that thought.

    Ruth Ellen Compton
    (Jay’s Mom) ruth compton

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 12:12 PM, EDT 

    The power of prayer will help not only you, but those around you.  Have faith that the right words will come when communicating to your children about the treatment.  Children are so smart and know when there is something different about their loved ones.  You will one day wake up with peace in your heart which helps everyone.  Praying for you daily.  Ann Ann Concannon
    Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:20 AM, EDT 

    When it comes to His word, He never says no. The Bible says In 2 Corinthians 1:20 ” For all the promisesof God in him are yes,and Him Amen, to the glory of God through us .” The word “amen” means “so be it”. So if you have been wondering if healing is for you- you can finally stop wondering because the answer is most definately yes.

    “O Lord my God my god , I cried unto thee, and you have healed me.”  Psalm 30: 2
                                        much love,
                                          Aimee Aimee Rowland-Sigmon

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 11:42 PM, CDT 


    The words I can offer as advice for talking with Aiden are honesty and simplicity. My son, Philip, was about Aiden’s age when I was diagnosed. My wife and I discussed with him the fact that Dad was sick and was going to the doctors to try and get better. We never used the “C” word, but did explain that the medicine would sometimes make me feel worse, but it was fighting the bad stuff and hopefully would make me better. We then allowed Philip to ask questions, and answered them honestly, but simply. We never tried to explain in more detail or answer questions that were not asked. Eventually Philip asked more questions, but we wanted to make sure that the lines of communication were always open and that he could ask any question and get an honest answer. We felt that if we tried to skirt around answers to the tough questions, he would feel that some questions were too personal or inappropriate and would stop asking. We felt it better to have the questions asked and answered (by us) than be bottled up inside as confusion.

    Kids are more perceptive than we sometimes give them credit. They understand more than they lead us to believe.  I am sure Aiden has picked up on the fact that something is not “normal”. My son Philip did when I went through it. Having an answer will be reassuring for him and if you keep a positive outlook it will keep him from worrying.

    I am sure you will find the right words to use. Keep the faith and keep a strong, positive outlook.

    Your friend,

    Don Don Rubino

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 11:15 PM, EDT 

    Well in my opionion, you both will come up with the right way to tell your son. Only you two know him that well and know how he will react. God will lead you in the correct direction for this difficult task. I will pray it goes smoothly, God only know this will be just one of the hardest things for you all to be dealing with, i pray there won’t be to many more. I love you guy’s and hope for the absolute best for the whole family. take care..
    kim svoboda

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 10:44 PM, EDT 

    Hey Alan, I just read your entry about talking to Aidan.  You are so smart to think about talking to him now.  Because, no doubt, he will have questions.  I think you’re idea to keep it simple sounds great.  I would also encourage you and Misty to call my friends Mike and Millie who are fighting the same fight you are fighting.  Mike was diagnosed with colon cancer with mets to his liver 18 months ago.  They also have two young children, their son is about Aidan’s age.  They have been were you are, and can probably give you some great insight that only someone who has been through it can.  They have let God lead their fight as well.  Their faith is amazing, and God is answering their prayers.

    Good luck on Monday and Tuesday.  We have been, and will continue to pray for you.

    Kristee Marconi
    kristee Marconi

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 9:41 PM, EDT 


    We heard you are looking for “pray warriors”. Nearly 10,000 members strong, First Baptist Church Hendersonville, TN has joined you in your fight.

     May you find peace and hope through your relationship with Him. Our Prayers are with you.

    106 Bluegrass Commons Blvd., Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075

    Lori Anne Bishop
    Nashville, TN

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 9:13 PM, MDT 

    Hey guys –

    We talked and prayed about you this morning in my saturday morning men’s Bible study group. And will continue to do so. Through Him all things are possible! 

    I, too, have 2 young children, and have always tried to be upfront and honest with them – they’re smarter than we realize! And they’ll surprise you with what comes out of their mouths sometimes. Good luck with that conversation – just ask for Him to give you the right words that a 5 year old can understand.


    Chris Lennert Chris Lennert

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 8:40 PM, EDT 

    Alan –
    We have never met, but I wanted to let you know that you and your family have been added to my church & choir group’s prayer list.  We have a congregation 2000+ members strong! What an awesome bunch of wonderful people.  I have also enlisted Lewis & Mary Lea and Aarron & Crystal Swartz as I know they will keep you in prayer, and you will want them on your side!  There are some more people that I will recommend Chris Sanders (ex Titan) and Ed Stetzer, our church planter.  The list goes on and on.

    I’m in prayer for you… as so many are! May you and your beautiful family be well in Christ.


    Claire Hendley
    Brentwood, TN

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 8:33 PM, EDT 

    Alan and family,

    You guys are in our prayers and thoughts to say the least. Susan, Sam, and I are behind you 100%! I know you are getting bombarded with advice, referrals, etc., but Susan has a few resources at hand in her industry and would be happy to help in any capacity. I’m currently a fat, bald, stay-at-home dad, but I can mow a mean lawn and make a killer sloppy Joe (not Joe Young) for the kids. I’m also keen on a few other skills if you need a resume’. So, if you or the family need me or us, say the word and we’re “Ready on alert 5”!. 😉

    We will be in church tomorrow (for the first time in a while), lifting you up to the Big Man! Susan and I are recruiting your “warriors” through both of our families and friends, and know that when you have my mom & my mother-in-law (aka: Mamasan) on your team, You CAN’T LOSE!

    Sadly, my memories of good Sigma Chi “end of meeting” quotes are fuzzy at this point (I’ll be refreshing that memory soon). So I will sign off with:

    In Hoc Signo Vinces!

    We love you guys!

    Jay & Susan Compton

    James Compton

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 7:44 PM, AST 


    I am a friend of Adrienne Grayson.  We grew up together in PR and reunited in Charleston after so many years.  She told me about what you and your family have been living through, and I am so sorry.  Your name has joined our list of people we pray for every night.  Just before I turn out the lights in my 4 year old’s bedroom, we say our nightly prayers.  We pray for the sick and mention 5 names of friends that all have colon cancer.  Your name will be 6th on the list.  And THAT you can count on !!  My mother is a colon cancer patient and she is in remission.  You need to hold on to that so called “Calm” that you are feeling.  Keep your positive attitude and think at all times you are going to beat this thing into the ground.   My mothers doctor and personal friend for 40+ years, told her not too long ago, that it was her strength and possitve outlook on life made her well.  She still has a couple more years until the end of her remission, but,  between her heathy diet, lots of trainning, Flax Seed Oil and yogurt, she is determined to live many more years to come.  Science today has come a long way. 

    Best of luck  !!! 

    Gianna  Gianna Costas

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 4:57 PM, EDT 

    Misty & Alan,

    You and your family are in our thoughts & prayers…  🙂 Misty Lovingood

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 11:21 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,

    Just wanted you to know we’re thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.  I know personally how devastating a diagnosis can be.  I’m three years out from my battle.

    I know your strength in the Lord will carry you through this ordeal.  Certainly all the prayers I received brought me through.  The power of prayer is awesome.  (You are on our church prayer list.)

    So, so happy the lung scan was good! 

    Stay strong and remember we love you all.

    Judy Dove Arms

    Judy Arms

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 9:42 AM, EDT 

    Alan & Family:

    Just an update that you have been added to Prayer Lists at 5 Churches of friends and will have a lot of help in your battle- you are a true inspiration and with the help of your faith and the faith of others the outlook is exceptional-   Don C Don Cielewich

  • Saturday, August 22, 2009 8:20 AM, CDT 

    Be not afraid. Aimee Rowland-Sigmon

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 11:29 PM, CDT 

    Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Stay strong and positive.
    Ray Mazzocchi
    DR Specialist
    Region 2 Ray Mazzocchi
    State College, PA

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 8:23 PM, EDT 

    Alan, sending you prayers from us all.  I have faith you will overcome this, if not for yourself, for your beautiful family.  Take care, and remember, He is always in your life, even more so in times of need… Shawn Engelman
    Charleston, SC

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 8:12 PM, EDT 

    Hi guys,
    I am so glad I got to talk to Aunt Joan and Alan last night.  The whole family has been on my mind ALL week.  Your faith is so strong and so many people are praying for you.  “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.  We love you all! 

    Page Hinton

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 6:23 PM, EDT 

    Alan, I am an old friend of Adrienne Shaw Grayson. She has sent out your caring bridge link and asked that we keep you and your family in prayer during this time. You have been added to our church prayer list. Although we are a tiny island we have the strength of the Lord coming to you!  

    I am thinking of you and holding your hand.
    In His name,

    Joanna Boxall
    Grand Cayman
    Cayman Islands

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 5:01 PM, EDT 

    You always seam to come up with more excuses NOT to come back and work with me, the van ride could not have been that bad.
    Needless to say, I was shocked when I heard.  I have sat here and many times stated to write you this note but only to have no idea of what to say. Over the last couple of months of working together I have enjoyed our time together and consider you a true friend. 
    Your love of God, life and family are your largest assets and I hope it gives all the strength you need to get over this thing.
    We still have a lot corn fields to roll by and laughs to have.  If I could possibly do anything for you, just let me know.  When you feel like it, I would love to hear from you but just know that you and your family are in my thoughts everyday.

    Wade Davis
    Goshen, KY

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 3:26 PM, CDT 

    Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your family today…praying always for you.

    You have delivered my life from death, my eyes from tears, and my feet from stumbling and falling.  I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living.   Psalm 116:8-9

    The Lord is my strength, my personal bravery and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hind’s feet and will make me to walk [not stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering or responsibility]!   Habakkuk 3:19  (Amplified Bible)

    Karen Lindsay
    Parkville, MO

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 2:46 PM, CDT 

    I know that you will keep your head up and continue to move forward. Ill never forget the first time we met when you grabbed my hand (power squeeze) and said ” Hi – Im Alan Dove – the #1 sales person – when you see my call you need to pick it up.” Keep up that drive as you wear it well buddy.

    I know that you have hunderds of offers to talk to someone but my I will pick it up.262-470-8089

    From my family to yours..

    Shawn Gibbons
    Eagle, WI

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 2:23 PM, CDT 

    Hi Alan,

    I was so saddened to hear the news.  I have faith however that your love and passion for life will keep you strong.  Please know that we are praying for you, Misty and the kids daily. 

    Have fun on Aidan’s first day of Kindergarten!  Reanna starts on Monday so I know how excited you and Misty are.

    Please let us know if you or Misty need anything.  We are in Nashville, TN now so a road trip would not take long. 

    Stay strong, keep the faith and keep your spirits high!

    Phil. 4:13

    Love, Karen, John and Reanna Mayberry Karen Mayberry
    Franklin, TN

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 2:01 PM, EDT 


    I’ve been out of the office and out of touch, so I’m late hearing this awful news.  It sucks my friend, but if anyone has the attitude and zest for life to get through this, its you.  I’ll be lighting candles and sending healing energy into the world to find you.  If there’s anything I can do from CT just ask.  You’re in my thoughts. 

    Live Strong! Sherri Axcell

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 1:46 PM, CDT 


    We’ve met a couple of times thru Jaime Farland, and Misty and I have been Facebook buddies for awhile.  I was so shocked and saddened to hear about your diagnosis, but am SO encouraged by you and Misty’s outlook on life.  I just love reading your caringbridge posts, and Misty’s on Facebook.  You truly are models of faith, strength, courage, love and family.  Although I don’t know either of you very well, just reading your messages, and the posts of your friends and family here on your guestbook, I am confident that you can and will beat this.  You are beautiful people, inside and out.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask if you ever need anything.  I’m in Mooresville and am ready and willing to help in any way.

    My girls and I will be praying for you and your family.

    Andrea Pemberton Andrea Pemberton

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 12:58 PM, CDT 


    I heard about your news through Tim Sykes and Pat Berger. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I am glad to hear that you are turning your focus to your family and the important things in life. I agree with you that medicine and flesh will not win the battle alone. Your beliefs, attitude, and a strong support system of family and friends are required (and from the look of the posts so far, you are well loved, respected and supported). Keep this going and reach out for help whenever you need it.

    After retiring from practicing medicine, my father stayed actively engaged with the hospital and community by advancing the practice of ethics and religion in medicine. We, as a family, strongly believe that healing the spirit is just as important as healing the body.

    As a survivor myself I understand some of the thoughts, concerns, and battles you are facing and will continue to face. It has been 10 years for me, and I know you will get there too. My kids were about the age of your kids at that time and they were a big driver to keep me going. They may not always know the details, but they will feed from your emotions.  Stay positive, optimistic, and strong, and you will get through this.

    Again, my thoughts and prayers are with you. You have my contact information and if there is ever a time you just want to chat about experiences, feel free to reach out. I am here.

    Don Rubino

    Don Rubino
    Lake in the Hills, IL

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 11:38 AM, EDT 


    Lord God, we come worshipping you today with grateful hearts that you are our keeper, the one who continually cares for us.  We come praying today for many people.  We pray for all who are in need of healing.  We pray for all who are disabled by injury or illness.  We pray for all who are troubled by confusion or pain.  We pray for all whose increasing years bring weariness.  We pray for all about to undergo surgery.  We pray for all who can not sleep.  We pray for the doctors, nurses, and all staff at the hospital.  We pray for patients at the hospital and their loved ones.  We pray the prayers which are written in the prayer book. Lord, hear the spoken and unspoken prayers on the hearts and minds of those gathered here today.
    Into your hands, O God, we commend all for whom we pray, trusting in your mercy, love, grace, and protection.  Amen.

    Energy/Light and Love,
    Randee Heller Cohn

    Randee Heller

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 10:00 AM, EDT 

    First day of school, ever!!  That’s a cool milestone.  I plainly remember my first day of Kindergarten, and it began with my parents puting me on the bus.  I remember they waited at the bus stop with me that first morning and picked me up there in the afternoon, but the next morning they were like, “you got this, right!”  And like that I was on my own.  Things might have been a little different in 1975.

    You guys have a great weekend ! craig appleman

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 9:04 AM, EDT 

    Hi Alan:

    I agree with everything Ray posted.  It is amazing to me how strong your faith is and your positive attitude.  

    You are the second person that I know recently dx w/cancer and he too is using his strong faith in God and prayers by many who love him to get through this. 

    I hope that if adversity strikes me, I would call upon my faith to remain positive and strong.  You are a great role model.

    My prayers are with you and your family and if I can help in any way, do not hesitate to ask.

    Sheryl Librot

    Sheryl Librot

  • Friday, August 21, 2009 7:05 AM, EDT 

    Alan and Family

    Continual prayers for strength and healing Karan Tremoulis

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:41 PM, EDT 

    Alan, even though you are going through such a tough time, you are such an inspiration to me. It’s one thing to talk about your faith and to offer words of encouragement for others, but in the back of my mind I often wonder how my faith, or lack of faith would be manifested as I face something REALLY tough. I can tell you right now the way you are approaching this fight is EXACTLY how I hope and pray I would act in the face of adversity! You are strong. You are brave. You are humble and not shy to ask for prayers. You are bold to remind people to follow through on their commitments to prayer! You are wise. You are honest about what you fear and are preparing for possible weak moments with prayer bombs. You are praising the Lord in the midst of the storm. You are recruiting your army of prayer warriors. You are battling with all your might and you are not backing down. The enemy hates what you are doing. You are David running towards the giant that is taunting you. You amaze me. I will fight by your side. Tell me how I can help and I will do it. I pray against the enemy in the name of Jesus! I speak total healing in the name of Jesus.

    Keep it up! You will have good days and you will have bad days. I encourage you to just keep running towards the giant with your sling in your hand. The Lord will direct the stone.

    Receive your victory! Ray Lindsay
    Parkville, MO

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:40 PM, EDT 


    My heart aches for you, but I have seen what the power of prayer can do.  We will be praying for you every day.  Please let us know if we can do anything.  I know we aren’t exactly around the corner, but if the kids need a “little vacation” to Charleston they can come stay with us.  We have three of our own.  What’s a couple more.  I wish you strength through all of this.

    Laurie Ann Rowland Gamble and family Laurie Ann Gamble
    Mount Pleasant, SC

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:37 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty:

    Sounds like a great day.  Thank you for the way you bless us by giving us a window into your day.  We’re continuing to pray for strength for you both over the next days and weeks.

    In His Love,
    Randy Warner

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 9:53 PM, EDT 

    Alan: I have a confession to make – a couple of year’s ago I stoled your idea of using the Kipling verse, “The Thousandth Man” as a tribute for a friend on the occasion of his 50th birthday – of course I just did it in writing in a guestbook. Feel like I should send it to you now – but then again you already have it memorize – so just know “your the Man”! – and that you and your beautiful family are in Mary Jo and I’s (Mr. Martin to you) prayers.
    As you may have heard Theresa is to be married next May. Feel certain Johnny will be looking for some kind of really nice gift pouch (just a pouch – remember?), anyway, I’m sure he would appreciate any creative ideas you may have. Thanks
    God Bless,
     Mary Jo and John Martin (Senior that is!) John Martin

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 9:26 PM, CDT 

    I don’t know anyone who loves life more then you.  I look forward to more adventures once you beat this thing.  Love to you and your family.  Kirk… Kirk Hanson
    Franklin, TN

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 9:23 PM, EDT 

    It was great getting to talk with ya’ll tonight. You’ve all been in our thoughts and prayers since Saturday and we’re adding people to the prayer circle daily. God has a plan for all of us and He guides us and carries us when we need it.  I feel that God is going to do great things through this awesome adventure and He will use this to touch so many lives. We are so blessed to have the Lord to lean on at times like this. If we can do anything, just let us know. In the meantime, we’ll keep growing the prayer circle in the Hartsville area. We love you so much! Hugs and kisses to Aiden and Addy.
    Love, Eric & Kay eric hayes
    Hartsville, SC

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 8:19 PM, EDT 


    Our family is praying for you and yours non-stop.  I find myself thinking of you at the strangest times and I pause and ask god to be with you and give you strength that you need to cross each hurdle.  I truly believe that god is good and he does have the power to see you guys through this.

      With love and lots of prayers! 

       Jon and Angie

    Angie Walker

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 7:48 PM, CDT 


    My heart aches as I hear about the challenges you are facing yet I smile as I hear the spunk in your words you are typing.  I am happy to join in with the many others in praying for strength to persevere and peace that GOD has you in his hands.

    Allison Waite Clarkin Allison Clarkin

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:24 PM, MDT 

    Dear Alan & Misty,
    I heard the news and I want to let you know that you and your family are in our hearts, prayers and constant thoughts.   When I hear the word fighter – Alan – you are honestly the first to come to mind.   Your faith, strength and determination are in your favor.   Now my real question is, do you need more butter? Let me know and I will ship it right out – to quote you “everything’s better with butter”…  Seems like the perfect time to sample a bit.

    Know we love you all and will continue to pray and send you all the goodness we can conjure.

    love – Mary, Billy, and Max Gallicano Mary (Woodward) Gallicano

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 5:29 PM, EDT 


    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!  You definitely have the strength and spirit to beat this!


    Maggie Feeney Eckard

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 3:28 PM, CDT 

    God is doing a MIGHTY work, not only in you but in all of us as well through this trial.  It is amazing!!!!  All the encouragement is great.  Your faith inspires us Alan…thank you! Karen Lindsay
    Parkville, MO

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 2:55 PM, EDT 


    We were sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. You and your family are in our prayers.

    Ashley Walters Coven
    Ashley Coven
    Knoxville, TN

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 1:40 PM, EDT 

    Thinking of you all on this day. Woke up with prayer in my heart for all of you. God Bless.

    Much love,
    Kelly Perkins

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 1:11 PM, MDT 

    Thanks for the updates & email, Dove. Can’t tell you how psyched I was to hear you’re a fellow brother in the Lord! That rocks – you’ve got your priorities in line. It’d be crazy to think where you’d be mentally if that wasn’t the case. He’s there for you, as well as all of us. I know it’s been years, but the bonds of brotherhood are alive and well. Anything you need we’re here for you. Chris Lennert
    Longmont, CO

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:53 AM, EDT 

    Alan & Misty,

    I am so sorry to hear about the challenges your family is soon to undergo.  However, I know each of you are strong and have faith in our Lord and Savior.  I was once told that God only presents us with challenges that he knows we can handle.  I have no doubt that you will be able to defeat this challenge with the help of GOD, Family and Friends (in that order).  Bobbi and I, along with our kids will say many prayers for you and your family.  If you EVER need anything please reach out to us, we are just a few miles away.  GOD Bless.

    Chris Curtis Chris Curtis

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:50 AM, EDT 


    It is through God’s grace that amazing things happen to amazing people.  God will continue to wrap his arms around you and Misty as you are both “amazing people”.  Continue to trust in him and “amazing healing” will be within you.  I am praying for you often throughout the day.  Contine to stay strong!
    Bobbi Overby Curtis

    Bobbi Curtis
    Waxhaw, NC

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:18 AM, PDT 

    Hi Alan, Pat Berger let me know about you.  Ironically, the last time I saw you was in a restaurant in New Orleans with Pat.  

    I’m very sorry to hear what you are going through.  Just read your update and it reminded me of your positive outlook. I know from the IDX days that you are a man who lives life with great gusto, so I trust that you will stay strong, remain positive, and keep the faith.  My prayers are with you, your doctors /health team, and your whole family as you wage this battle! 
    Take Care,
    Tim Sykes

    Tim Sykes

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:16 AM, CDT 

    Alan and Misty,
    my thoughts and prayers are with you all. We have put you on our prayer list at our church. It is a large Church with at least 5000 members between all of the services. Alan, I know you can beat this. It was not too long ago they were giving my family terrible news about my prognosis. I am a survivor that probably should not be here right now. God heard all the prayers and so I am here to send you this note. God is always god. I know your faith is strong. Our prayers for you are even stronger. Hang in there and remember God will always hold you in His “Righteous Right Hand”. All our love to you, Misty, and the children.
                                    Prayerfully Yours,
                                           Aimee Marc and Jonathan Aimee Rowland-Sigmon

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 8:51 AM, EDT 

    Alan & Misty,

    So happy to read of your strong faith & love for our Lord. We know that’s what gets us through everything—Just wanted u to know that our constant prayers are always with you. Thank you for sharing with us, as that is what our Lord wants. Your trials & faith are very uplifting , as well as a constant reminder of how God works in our lives. You’re on your way to a glorious healing !!!! Much love—Diane

    diane west

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 8:48 AM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty,
    Just want your family to know that our family will be following your story through this website and we will be faithful to pray and lift you to our Healer.  I know this will be a difficult fight for you but we have a greater hope and we stand on God’s promises during this time!  Our God is mighty to save and we pray that He will do just that!! 
    The Karant family
    Huntersville, NC Heidi Karant

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 8:24 AM, CDT 

    I use to work in Marketing at Emageon and although we never worked on a project together I heard your loud voice carry through the office and all the positive things those around me said about you. After hearing of your diagnosis I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to you and your beautiful family! Take care, and find strength in knowing how many people are praying for you! Joye Hansford

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 7:36 AM, PDT 


    I am thinking about you and your family a lot and praying for you often. Good luck today as you get your port placed.   

    Kristin  Kristin Trinca

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:56 AM, EDT 

    Alan and family

    so happy to hear you are moving forward you are in my thoughts and prayers through out the day. 
    God bless and keep you may his face shine upon you and give you peace. Karan Tremoulis

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 5:54 AM, EDT 

    Would you mind sharing your address so friends can send cards? 
    Hugs, Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 5:33 AM, CDT 

    Dear Alan & Family,
    You don’t know us, we are friends of Randy & Julie Warner.  They asked me to pray when they learned of your cancer diagnosis, and you have been heavy on our hearts since.  I just wanted you to know that we are praying for you daily…for miraculous healing most of all, but that the Lord’s presence, peace, and power would be evident in your lives at this difficult time and that he would use you and this circumstance in a mighty way for His good.
    Jennifer & David Hollis

  • Thursday, August 20, 2009 4:21 AM, EDT 

    Praying . . . Beverly Cottingham Richardson
    United States

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:01 PM, EDT 

      Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  We will keep you in our daily prayers. Maureen Taylor

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:47 PM, EDT 

    Two victories in one day… you are definitely an over achiever!  🙂

    Seriously, congrats on chosing an oncologist AND more importantly, congrats on the clear CT scan!  Thank God for these first two of MANY wins in the Alan column. 

    Team Schweikert holds you, Misty, Aiden and Addyson in our hearts and prayers.

    Traci Schweikert

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:34 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty,

    Alan, I’ve never met you but I do see the love that Misty has for you.  Actually, everyone can see the love you have for each other.  That awe-inspiring love that you have for each other and God will bring you thru this.  Just know that there are many prayer warriors far and wide that are on your side.  I will continue to spread the word and pray for your continued strength, guidance and healing.  Much love to you and your family! Alison Yonce Reagan
    Maryville, TN

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:33 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan & Misty:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family constantly.  Please stay strong and remember that God is watching over you always.  If you want to talk about the chemo treatments, please feel free to contact me through Jessica and Ricky.   Ever since I met you I have been impressed by your friendleness and your dedication to your family.  You are a great person. Rena Laton

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:05 PM, EDT 

    Hi Alan,
    I just wanted to say Hi and let you know that you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.  Congratulations on finding a doctor you knew is right for you – that’s a huge key to this new journey…..   

    With prayers and hugs, Celeste Celeste Garcia

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:50 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan,
    Hang in there and keep your chin up. You can beat this.
    We put you on our prayer list at church tonight and in Charleston and Atlanta. You have a beatiful family. Nichole had shown them to me when she was here. Know that I am there in spirit and would love to be there in person. My love to your Mom and Dad also. I am so glad they can be there to watch the kids, and be with you and your wife can devote her time to you.
    Love and prayers,

    Evelyn Hayes

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:48 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty:

    Thanks for sharing your story on FaceBook and CaringBridge.  It was so great to hear the good news of no cancer in the lungs.  I praise God for his faithfulness and this blessing in your lives. 

    Your obvious love for our Lord, and your incredible trust in Him is inspiring.  I am praying for you daily, and will ask for His power to be very real in your lives, through the strength, peace and HEALING that only He can provide.

    In His Love,
    Randy Warner Randy Warner
    Weddington, NC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:45 PM, CDT 

    You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts!

    Dorinda Dorinda Clark

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:45 PM, CDT 

    Prayin for you big man…The BHM dormitory shall remain strong!!  🙂
    love ya Jeff Baumann

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:42 PM, EDT 

    I’m so thrilled to hear the great news about your doctor…what a tremendous combination…faith in Jesus and highly competent in medicine…now, he, along with you, your faith and commitment, your family and your huge team of prayer warriors and friends will be a formidable warrior!  Hang in there and know you’re cared about and being lifted up by an ever growing band of prayer warriors…what a team.  Again, know that I’m here day or night if you need to talk, pray or whatever!  Continuing to pray.  harold watson

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:40 PM, CDT 

    wish I lived closer to you.  Aren’t you in Raleigh?  I’ve lost track.  I’m still in oncology so I know the fight you are embarking on…you know what, people beat what you have every day.  You are young, strong and have incredible spirit.  I know you can beat this and, though I am a lousy prayer, I will absolutely pray for you. 
    I too have a beautiful wife and young kids, so many of my prayers will be to keep them strong during this.
    Beat this Alan!  Todd Sigmon

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:04 PM, EDT 

    I got your website from a friend, Cassie Farr.

    My prayers are with you.  Stay strong and fight hard….you can beat this!

    You have a beautiful family.

    Dina Clark

    Dina Clark
    North Huntingdon, PA

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:59 PM, CDT 

    Having been in healthcare all my life, I understand your journey. Having a mom who had three different primary cancers in her lifetime, and a husband who is two years post cancer surgery (and currently cancer free), I can feel your pain. I know that our faith keeps us going and our friends sustain us.
    I am here for you as your friend, and I am praying for you and your family. I have mobilized prayer warriors on your behalf. Keep fighting and keep focused.
    Love ya, Sharon  Sharon Barnes

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:26 PM, EDT 

    Continuing to send BIG prayers your way.  If anyone is stubborn enough to beat this, it’s YOU!  Love to you and your entire family. – Lea Lea King

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:59 PM, EDT 

    My Dear Family,
     I will pray everyday for you.I will do everything I can to help you.I believe God has a plan for this.We will not stop!!!Ciara and her little friends wanted me to tell you in their cute teenage slang”Alan we got your back!!We are TEAM ALAN!!!!Ciara wanted to drive out there yesterday she said she could help with something..My sweet little girl!!I love you guys!!!
    michelle dockery
    Gainesville, GA

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:51 PM, EDT 

    Misty, Alan (and babies!!)…..

    I’ve been thinking about you and am continuously asking for God’s guidance to lead the way. Prayer is miraculous. I’ll be checking in often and praying. God Bless.

    Kelly Perkins Kelly Perkins

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:43 PM, EDT 

    Hi to both of you,
    I want to say first that I can only imagine the roller coaster ride you are on right now.  I do want to tell you this.  A few months ago when Sydney suddenly couldn’t walk right, it was no big deal.  We just figured she would get better fast.  But as days turned into weeks and then months it got scarry.  Especially because the orthopedist (who was one of the best in Pgh) had never seen anything like it.  After test after test, no one could determine what was wrong.  BUT, we never stopped praying and never stopped believing that God was doing or had already done a healing in her that was unexplainable.  The doctor finally decided to either send her to the Cleveland Clinic foundation or wanted us to admit her to a place in Pgh where she would live and get continuous therapy.  We still trusted in our God’s mighty hand.  The day after we left his office she miraculously was healed.  She started walking normal, her hip stopped rotating out of place, her limp and leg length disrepancy were gone.  The doctor called 2 weeks in a row to check to make sure she was still okay because they didn’t believe it and it didn’t make sense to the doctor.  But it made sense to us.  Our God is a God of love, grace, mercy, compassion.  He is the true healer.  I found so much comfort knowing that God had a perfect plan and I had to TRUST in him and when I did that, I had complete peace.  Your situation is much different, but I must say when your own child is suffering and no one knows why, the pain is very deep.   I pray you can have that same TRUST and he gives you the peace he was finally able to give me when I let it go and let him take control.  We are on your team of prayer warriors Alan and we take that very seriously.  When 2 or more are gathered in his name we know he is in our midst.  We will pray together for you and do know that you ARE in His midst.  Lesley Bruns
    Seven Fields

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:33 PM, CDT 

    Oh Alan!! I’m SOO glad the chest scans were clear! That is GREAT news!! Thanks to the power of love and prayer. I can’t stop thinking about you, Misty, the kids and your parents. We are all here for you for anything you may need. Us girls are going to support Misty and take care of her as our sister, while you are going through your therapy. Love you all.

      Jaime Farland
    Mooresville, NC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:26 PM, CDT 

    Just from hearing the way you guys are approaching this thing, there is no question in my mind that you are going to beat this.  May you stay strong and find peace in the strength of your family, friends and faith.  Know you will have many, many prayers.

    Kimberly Budd and Family Kimberly Budd

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:49 PM, EDT 

    Alan and Misty,

    I pray that God gives you the strength to get through this trying time. Just remember healing can be attained by trusting in the Lord and he will make a way, he may not come when you want him but he is always on time. Please know that I have been praying very hard for you and your children and I will continue to do so. If you need me for anything don’t hesitate to let me know even though you are many miles away we will find a way to get to you for all the support you need. I made sure to let people know to add you on their prayer list at their churches so Alan you have alot of people standing beside you and you can beat this..

    May God Bless and Heaven smile upon you

    Crystal Allen Johnson (Cissy)
    Andrews, NC
    United States

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:40 PM, EDT 

    Know your day has been tiring.  So glad you got good report on the lung scan.  Hope you and your family can get some rest tonight.  My prayers are with you continously.  Love you,  Jane 

    jane dove

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:19 PM, EDT 

    Dear Alan and Misty,

    You and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers.  You mean so much to us and if there is anything at all we can do please let us know.  You both have so much inner strength and faith to see you through this.  Keep the faith and please take comfort in knowing  you have so many people thinking and praying for you.


    Leslie and Adam Leslie Jordan
    McDonough, GA

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:17 PM, EDT 

    Alan & Misty,

    My admiration for you both, for the way that you are dealing with this ordeal is astonishing !! You are such a special family, and to know that your faith in God is sooo very strong, your ability to share your burden was without question and your love for life & each other is so evident—that alone is a blessing to others. How uplifting ! No matter how big the problem, God is always bigger and He WILL get you all thru this. How blessed you are to have help and stability for the kids (and each other). Rest assured that you will be in our constant prayers, and we wish you all of the love that God has placed in our hearts. Continue to place your trust in Him—He WILL show you miracles. Sounds like you have already opened your eyes & hearts to Him. Keep praying, listening & expecting. “We thank you, Lord for everything that you’re gonna do for this family”—-AMEN

    Much Love

    Roger, Diane, Pat (& the remaining West’s) diane west

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:35 PM, EDT 

    Misty & Alan,

       This guestbook thing is a fantastic way of keeping up with everyone. I care for you both and will continue to pray for Alan’s healing. I am far away for mile’s sake but close in heart and thought. I am hear if for only a phone call. God is good…Thank you for keeping us informed so we can pray a bit harder.. Take care. God BLess you all.

    Kim Svoboda

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:18 PM, CDT 

    I will continue to pray daily for your family. Jennifer Postell

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 4:53 PM, EDT 


    I met Misty only once but felt as-though I’ve known her for a life time.  I know first hand what it is to fight sickness and win.  You will beat this!  My husband, myself, my family and friends are praying for your health and well being!


    Randee and Marc Cohn Randee Heller-Cohn

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 1:26 PM, CDT 


    Danny here! Will connect with you real time when you get past the next few busy days. Thinking about you daily. Send me an e-mail with the best phone # to reach you ( Looking forward to talking with you.

    Dan Dan Knepper

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 12:36 PM, CDT 

    You may not remember me but I am Leigh Manzi’s sister and David Manzi’s sister-in-law.  We met at their wedding and several other occasions.   Anyways David broke the news to me last night – obviously you and your family are in my constant thoughts and prayers.  I thought back to our encounters and remember you as one of the most vivacious, energetic and courageous guys I have ever met!!  If anyone is up for this challenge – its you!!

    Please know that I will think of you, Misty, Addyson and Aiden daily.

    -Kim Church
    nyc  kim church

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:59 AM, EDT 

    Alan, I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you and your family.  Stay positive and God bless. Tony Turner

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:54 AM, EDT 

    So glad to hear the news that your lungs are clear! you are such a strong person mentally and spiritually and have such a strong woman at your side.  You have the support of all of us.  Whatever your family needs you guys just ask.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you daily.
    in his arms
    Mike, Heather Dylan and Chase Davis heather davis

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:53 AM, PDT 

    Alan and Misty,

    Most of Minnesota (including Bret Farve!!!) is praying for you.  With my small-world connections, it’s only a matter of time until it’s 100% of the state.  That’s a lot of Lake Wobegon Lutherans!

    You are the best.  All my love,

    Pat Pat Berger

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:23 AM, CDT 

    Dear all,

    I heard of you and your family via Joe Bolin.  As a child of a cancer victim (my dad died of melanoma 26yrs ago), I can only say KUDOS to you and your family for dedicating yourselves to making sure that the children are surrounded by loving parents and grandparents. As adults we are confused by these things, as a child, it is even more so.  I will be praying for you all and looking forward to reading about your recovery.  Lynn Brasher

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:12 AM, EDT 

    Alan- Please know that we are thinking about you and praying for daily.  YOU WILL BEAT THIS.  And we will be here for you every step of the way!

    Kristee & Derrick Marconi kristee Marconi
    Cary, NC, NC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:09 AM, EDT 

    Mr. and Mrs. Dove, Misty, and Alan,

    Hi guys.  Know that many Yankee prayers are with you and Alan, even more than prayers it would seem, I can’t stop thinking of you all, so just consider me to be there with you.  Please ask me for any anything you think a Connecticut Yankee might be able to handle.


    craig appleman

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 11:05 AM, CDT 


    I lost track of you for a while after leaving Emageon.  Through Ramie and Taylor of have learned about your amazing challenge.  When I first heard the news I was utterly speechless.  You are one of the most charasmatic and positive people I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  I know for certain that it is this strength, positive attitude, and your unwavering faith that will see you through this challenge.

    I will be praying for you and your family.  Just remember how many people are thinking about you and pulling for you!

    God Bless,
    Vanessa Elrod Vanessa Elrod

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:43 AM, EDT 


    The Merserau family began praying for you, Misty and the kids the moment we heard of your diagnosis.  We will consider it a privilege to stand by you and your dear family in prayer throughout your treatment and beyond.  We admire you, we love you, and we will be there for you and your family as needed. 

    Adam Mersereau
    Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 10:34 AM, EDT 

    Alan –

    In the nearly 15 years that I’ve known you, stength and hope have always been in full supply.  Use that now, along with the love of your family and friends to wage all out war!  Jeff and I welcome you and Misty to our home anytime you may be in the Triangle for care or consultation with the cancer centers here.  Any access to Duke or UNC cancer centers and world-class specialists is yours for the asking – know that I will make it happen (tenacity has never been in short supply with me).

    All my best,
    Leigh Phillips Goller
    919.349.6555 (cell phone) Leigh Goller

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:33 AM, CDT 

    “He gives strength to the weary, And to him who lacks might He increases power.” Isaiah 40:29
    Go get em!

    Robin Rowe
    Clarkesville, GA

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:12 AM, EDT 

    Dear Alan

    I am praying for you and I am recruiting many of the poeple I know who are part of God’s army to send intercessions for you and to have their fellow worshipers at their home churches to pray for you.  Keep your chin up, with God’s help all things are possible.

    Karan Tremoulis Karan Tremoulis
    raleigh, NC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:04 AM, EDT 

    Praying for you as you begin this journey…know that you are not alone and that there are many people who care about you, who are praying for you and are here as you need them.  Most of all know that God will give you His grace, strength, courage and power.  Life’s greatest lessons are learned with Christ in the school of adversity.  Keep your eyes, heart and mind focused on God and His presence and sufficiency in your life.  My number is 828-399-9198…you’re welcome to call anytime, even 2:00a.m. if you just need to talk.  I’ll be praying for you and look forward to hearing how your appointments go.

    Harold harold watson

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 9:01 AM, EDT 

    A~ Just wanted to let you know we love you and we are praying for you and if you need us to do anything, Tim and I are more than willing!  Leslie Leslie Stewart
    Roebuck, SC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:59 AM, CDT 

    Stay positive, DoveBar!  You are strong, you are tough and surrounded by love, love, love!
    You keep looking up, smiling and stay determined! So many prayers your way to carry you where ever you go!

    Love you!
    Dawn Dawn Yonce
    Charleston, SC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:54 AM, EDT 


    Tried calling yesterday but didn’t want to leave a message.  Michelle and I are so encouraged by your focus and drive to beat this…Our prayers go out to you and your family on a daily basis. 

    Also, my mother worked for many years at the Brigham and knows many top notch oncologists and radiation therapists.  If you ever want additional clinical opinions, don’t hesitate to ask and I can work with my mother to get you connected.

    My best to you and your family. John Jordan

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:06 AM, EDT 

    If anyone is physically, mentally and spiritually prepared to tackle this thing it is you! Thank you for teaching me the power of prayer as I keep you and your beautiful family in mine.  Go kick some ass my friend! xoxox

    Adrienne Grayson
    Charleston, SC

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:44 AM, CDT 

    I guess some things never change…… this ought to make you laugh!  I still cant spell worth a darn….I meant “here with a bent ear”.  Call me when you finally get a spare moment.
    Talk to ya soon!
    Frick  Craig Frick

  • Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:37 AM, CDT 

    Hey Big guy, Keep the intensity you had in the weight room in college and I know there is nothing you cant beat!!  I am hear with a bent ear if you need someone to talk to at anytime day or night!  I will be cheering you on daily from Georgia!  If there is anyway I can help please DO NOT hesitate to call!!
    You and your famly are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Remember only one thing: “YOU CAN DO THIS!!!”
    Your friend Frick.  Craig Frick

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