Hello Friends!  Alan here: Thanks again for all the concern, prayers and support over the last days.  Misty and I visited UNC yesterday and reviewed our CT Scan.  Dr. Goldberg felt the scan to be rather “ambiguous” in its positioning and its illumination of what’s going on in my liver.  “Ambiguous”?  Yeah, you and I are thinking the same thing.  I’m upset if there’s ambiguity involved in my sandwich for lunch or my haircut…certainly I don’t want any of that in my CT of the liver!  Back to point: “ambiguous” or not, what Dr. Goldberg saw didn’t suggest things were shrinking.  As a  result, he and Dr. Kuo have chosen to alter my chemo-therapy again.  For those that unfortunately know about this stuff, here’s what we are doing:  Maintaining FOLFIRI and substituting Vectabix for Avastin.

So the course of treatment has changed again.  We have to look at this as a positive reaction to unsatisfactory results.  I’m very happy that the best the Lake Norman area and UNC have to offer are working together so well to try and benefit my case.  It seems that when you hit tumors with a chemo-therapy drug, they are most drastically stunned initially and then they build a tolerance for the poison.  Such is the concern with cavalierly adding/changing drug regimens.  We should start Vectabix on Wednesday.  Along with use of the word “ambiguous”, Dr. Goldberg used the term “miraculous” as to what he’s seen Vectabix be able to do in cases similar to mine.  Let’s focus on that.  MIRACULOUS.

TV VIEWING REMINDER: My buddy Jerry’s show on Discovery Health airs again on February 19th. @ 8:00 pm. & 11:00 pm.  For DirecTV folks that means channel 279. The name of the program is “I Was Dead”.  This program tells of four folks’ stories of near-death experiences.  Jerry’s is the last and I highly recommend that you watch and/or record the show.  THIS shows TONIGHT!

Thanks to all for your support and reminders you’ve given me.  I’m still fighting.  I’m still rejoicing in a bounty of blessings that God provides.  So many of you have reached out to me and reminded me about God’s presence and His providence.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Don’t forget to watch “I Was Dead” tonight.  Thanks for your prayers and support.  Talk to you soon.  Love,