Why would a dove need a bridge?  Couldn’t he just fly over the crevasse?  But maybe there’s something wrong with the dove.  Perhaps the gap is too far for him to fly over under his own power. 

I started writing on the CaringBridge where so many people jumped on to support and encourage me.  I decided to move to this site so that I could take advantage of some additional means it offers with which to fellowship with you.  In recognition of the blessings that I received at CaringBridge.org and because I see this forum as a bridge that is, in part, carrying me where God wants me to go I chose to call this:


I will post updates to both sites for a week, but will then only have forwarding information at Caring Bridge. 

Here’s why I’ve starting writing:

On August 15th, my wife Misty decided that my complaints of abdomen pain through the night called for me to go the ER.  We woke up early on our weekend without the kids (they were at grandparents) and drove over to the hospital. 

The ER doc almost sent us home, but Misty urged for a scan.  The CT showed a mass in my colon and my liver.  Next morning (in the hospital) I received a colonoscopy that confirmed the mass in the colon and yielded biopsy. 

The mass in my colon does not obstruct so the doctors feel that it is best to attack my liver disease with chemotherapy first.  This will also shrink the colon mass.  After a few cycles of chemo, we will determine the best time to surgically attack the colon (and liver??). 

Our life is a whirlwind now.  Fear, uncertainty, etc.  Misty and I have two babies to whom we are dedicated. 

Q:  How do we deal with this challenge? 
A:  You would be amazed.  I don’t wish this on anyone, but apparently getting knocked down by news one Saturday morning in the ER will really get you closer to your knees and your God.  That God of mine has continued to make Himself evident to our family.  My wife has shown strength of STEEL in so many ways.  My parents have moved in to help with the kids. My friends have circled me with kind words and prayers.  People I barely know have shown compassion for me and my family.  So many are praying for me and I feel the power of God’s promises holding me up.

I have a strange calmness that has to come from God.  Sure, I have moments of weakness, but they are far fewer now and I can call on Jesus to wash them with His promises. 

We’ve seen more of God’s Hand in the last week than we’ve ever bothered to notice before.  He is guiding us through hard decisions.  God is working in my life through so many of you.  Those that know me understand my self-confidence and self-reliance.  Please forget those.  I see that God is taking me on a journey that will tear me down to the pieces he wants to remain.  It will be my job to bear witness to this journey, learn from it, and to always remember it for what it was:  God’s Grace manifested through a trial of hardship.  God is sharing a little vision of the end game with me and it looks like there will be a new version of Alan that will have a story to tell.

Please pray to God about me and my family.  When you do, please thank Him for the great things he is doing.  Thank you all for coming here to be a part of a miraculous thing.